19 - Sunni

Medina, Saudi Arabia

Dec 3, 2021 23:11

I seek to spread the religion and travel to distant countries (on my personal account) to spread Islam. I just want someone to accompany me on my way.
I spent my childhood learning Islam and memorized the entire Qur’an
1- If a man or a girl has a question about religion, there is no problem. I can answer and that makes me happy. Then she will tell me she doesn't want anything, she just wants to ask a religious question and then she goes.
2- I am a Sunni and Salafi was not a Shiite and there is no problem if you argue with one of the Shiite questioners, Alhamdllah.
3- The Prophet Muhammad commanded us to see the girl and ask to marry her if we liked something about her personality or beauty
4- As for my personal picture, I did not put it, but she can request the picture later
I am of mixed origin, of Arab origin, and a darker color that is closer to Abyssinia and my hobby is bodybuilding
Do not worry about the picture I am handsome🤓☆

I am sad for the people who think in Islam a wrong thought and they do not know anything about it. I just want them to know the religion and then give them the opportunity to think logic in a fair way and then I leave them the freedom to choose between right and wrong