32 - Sunni

Sydney / New South Wales, Australia

Nov 12, 2021 23:54

AsSalaamuAlaikum Dear Sisters Except My Future "WIFE", Allah knows where she's Hiding. HahahašŸ¤£....

Faisal Mohammed here from INDIA but I've been living in Sydney-AUSTRALIA since 2012 almost 10 years. I'm here on this site looking for my Soulmate to Complete my "Deen", I Pray Namaaz 5-times a day sometimes I do Khaza if I Miss any Prayer, Fast during Ramadan and since last couple of years started Six Shawaal Fasts as well. All my Reatives and Friends says that "I'm Down To Earth Guy".

I've just turned 31years old, I've done my Masters IN Business Administration (MBA), I work for a private Firm EARNS GOOD $$$ (Alhamdulillah) that's what i do during my weekdays (Mon-Fri) but during weekends (SAT-Sun) i work for another company in Security Industry (Senior Security & Conceirge Officer looking after CCTV Cameras of a shopping mall and Customer Service), I never keep myself free-7days busy (Scared of getting involve in this Environment, it's so much FITNA here ALLAHUAKBER), I would have Married in my Mid 20's cause I got that Getting Early MarriagešŸ’‘ Craze but Due to some Reasons i was unable to. I'm the Eldest and Only Son of my Parents Blessed with Four Sisters Alhamdulillah. Allah SWT has answered My Duas and Finally all my Responsibilities towards my House Completed and Finished and it's my Turn/Time Now.

I still have lot more to say about myself so please fill free to ask if you wanna know anything more about me. I've got so much more to sayšŸ˜€ .....