28 - Sunni

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Dec 6, 2021 14:19

I'm a british born muslima. I am a good, kind, caring and understanding person who values honesty. I like to laugh and joke when ever I can never turn down an opportunity. I do talk a lot but only about movies, news, strange facts, conspiracies, games, books, the paranormal, animals etc
I love nature and try my best to live and eat healthy

I would like to begin by saying something pleasant but instead thanks to a lot of guys on this site I am forced to edit this part. So here it is. Please don't message me if you are looking for a girlfriend full or part time. I don't go on dates with strangers and even if we got to know each other a bit more I will still not be agreeing to go on a date. I will not agree to hug you, kiss you or be alone with you before marriage. I have been asked too many times and my answer is always no. I refuse to give up my human rights and especially the rights given to me as a muslima by Allah swt.

My profile pic was taken on eid and my other two pics are without makeup so my future hubby doesn't wake up after marrying me to find a strange woman next to him. Lol.

I'm not an over spender or materialistic and I can't stand people who show off. I try to give charity whenever I have the opportunity and believe in helping those less fortunate. I'm the person you would see buying a sandwich or bag of food for someone begging on the street corners. Its in my nature to help and I can't ignore anyone who needs help. I also do the same for animals. I could never ignore an animal who needs help.

I have many hobbies. I enjoy drawing, cooking, pets, recycling materials to create something new, gardening, reading books

PLEASE read my profile before messaging. I have chosen to live with my parents and want to continue living with them. If you don't agree with this please don't message.

I am also looking for someone who loves animals, especially cats as I have 19 of them. I also have lots of love birds, fish and sugar gliders as pets. Even if my future hubby didn't love animals but tolerated them would be nice. They are after all created by Allah(swt).

I'm a really good gamer and enjoy playing video games and PlayStation. I also enjoy watching movies especially Jackie Chan movies. I'm an anime and manga fan but studio ghibli is my favourite.

I am divorced,which is why I am looking for someone UK based as my last marriage had problems because my husband had married me for a visa and had no interest in me or making our marriage work.I would like to marry a guy who prays 5 times a day or at least tries to pray. If my future husband is knowledgeable about Islam it would be a bonus if not then someone who would at least want to learn.
I am only interested in a guy for marriage as I don't believe in premarital relationships.

I don't work and don't have the intention to work. It is a life choice for me and i don't disrespect or dislike women who choose to work. For me marriage and my future husband and children would be priority.



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