33 - Sunni

Margarita Island, Venezuela

Oct 27, 2021 01:21

In the name of Allah Almighty, the Most Greatness, the Most Merciful...

Salaam, everyone.

My name is Andreyna, I'm 33 years old, and I'm from Venezuela. I'm Spanish Linguistics lecturer at the University, and Spanish teacher for foreigners. I'm learning how to read Arabic language, and I'm studying religion from Sheikh nowadays.

I embraced Islam more than 2 years now, Alhamdulillah. It has been a bit challenging so far, although I'm very happy for having found the right path by Allah's guidance. May Allah keep my heart into Islam and let me die as Muslim, Ameen.

I'm here to find a righteous man who has good intentions and fears Allah, follows our prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and loves and respects his own parents, specially his mom. I'm waiting for a religious man with whom I can complete my Deen, from whom I can learn Islam and live surrounded by Islamic morals for the rest of our lives. I want to become a mom soon, Inshaa'Allah, so I hope he's ready to have a family as well.

Inshaa'Allah that person is here...

I'm interested in someone who is ambitious, professional and more, and wants to improve himself by studying continuously. I want to admire my husband, so he must have reached some of my dreamed goals. I'm ambitious person as well, and I want to learn many languages, get my Master's Degree and more, Inshaa'Allah, and I would like to find in him a companion with whom I could also share those researching experiences, while we both fulfill our wishes related to academic field. I love to learn and read about idioms, cultures, history, religion, ethnicity, ethimology, linguistics, paleography, and anthropology.

I'm not interested in polygamy, not because I'm against it, but I want to become my husband's priority, God willing. I will also expect that the righteous person asks my wali to be involved in next steps, after we have decided to go forward in marriage process.

May Allah help you all to find your soulmate. And I wish you the best!

Thank you all for reading me.

Ma salama!