49 - Sunni

Antrim, Northern Ireland

Sep 9, 2021 21:04

As salaam alaikum warah mutalahi. I am a big lady but I am respectful in what I wear and I never go out unless I am fully covered and wearing hijab. I took my shahada around eight years ago alhamdulillah but I still have much to learn inn sha Allah. My two kids and my uncle live with me. The reason why my uncle lives with me is because he has a learning disability and is not able to live independently. When my mother died, may Allah have mercy on her ameen, no other members of my family were willing to let my uncle live with them so he came to live with me and my kids. I have been married two times, once before I became a muslim and once after I became a muslim. I have one grown up daughter from my first marriage and one son who is still a child whom I adopted, but myself and my son are blood relatives. I love my son dearly as if he was born to me and also he is the son that Allah blessed me with alhamdulillah. I have some health problems which make it difficult for me to walk far but inn sha Allah this will change and alhamdulillah for all. I listen to Mufti Menk most days and also the late Shaykh Ahmed Deedat, may Allah grant him Jannah ameen, I do not have any friends that are men as this is not Islamic. Any friends I do have are sisters I met at the masjid. I try to be respectful and have good manners always inn sha Allah. My interests include general history but not war history except the Zulu war, watching wildlife documentaries especially the ones with animals in the African savannah, museums and travel, even though my health does not allow me to travel just now but inn sha Allah that will change. I am a positive person and I believe my Imaan is strong alhamdulillah. There is much I need to do to become a better muslim but inn sha Allah this will happen. I love animals and I have a little white rabbit my son named Bobby. My favourite country is Africa and my favourite colour is winter green or brown. I appreciate good manners and kindness.