39 - Sunni

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Sep 19, 2021 20:33

Assalamu Alaykum people! And so the journey begins....

First up, I am an English tutor who works in a college and currently completing my PGCE which was interrupted due to covid. I am an avid reader and also like keeping fit but hate gyms so cycling is my other big passion. I also like cooking (no seriously I do) as takeaways are so expensive nowadays (along with all that plastic packaging)! I joined the site as I am turning 40 soon and is a bit of a wake up call that i needed to inshallah find a wife and start a family of our own. I recently appeared on the tv show countdown too (one of my fav shows) so if your a fan of the show you should definitely get in touch! Salaam and good luck to you all in your searches..