60 - Shia

Louisiana, United States

Sep 24, 2021 01:16

Not good at this as I do not know what to say here but I am having a feeling it's going to be a long writing so please try to read till the end.
Well, I am originally British 🇬🇧 lived in USA and am a reverted Muslim. I am not the most handsome of man facially as handsomeness is not one of the qualities I am blessed with but trust me I have a good heart.
I do well to say my prayers daily without missing any and I know my Quran and still learning more about it and the Islamic religion.
I live alone in my own house, I have my own car, not into drugs or smoking, my kids are over 18 and married.
I suffered a terrible sickness that affected my health and mental being and also affected my skin.
Music is a medicine for the soul. I Love music a lot most especially Islamic music 🎶 and I sing as well. Most times when I am sad I just listen to music and sing and after that, I just come alive again
My goal is to find a lovable woman to spend my Life with but to be honest, I am not rushing it as I am scared due to my previous experience but I am seriously working on leaving my fears behind that's why I am here. I am not here for games and lies I have had enough of that in life already and I believe I am too old for that. I hope I find Love again. Friendship would be a good start
I have a whole lot of hobbies first I Love my job so much amd I do a whole lot of reading as well. During my free period, I am a video game freak. Basketball and soccer are my favourites sports among others. I love long trips, walking by the seaside with my hand's interlocked in yours feeling the cool breeze and scent of the sea, I love vacations, camping hiking, good dinner dates, Netflix, cinemas, fishing, swimming, cooking etc
I am not a racist I accept all colours and races and I don t discriminate between beliefs (Shina, Sunni) all I ask is that you are real with me and with a good heart. You keep it real with me and I promise you I will do all within my power to keep you, treat you right, give you the best and spoil you with lots of love. I go all-in for you as long as you are faithful and with a good heart. Love energy that's all I have got.
I got no favourite memories as every day I live is so precious to me. Of course there will be good times and there also will be bad times we just have to take them as they come and make sure we get the best use out of Life



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