36 - Sunni

temara rabat, Morocco

Jul 29, 2021 14:03

السلام عليكم امراة مسلمة لم يسبق لي الزواج ابحت عن زوج نحب لله ورسوله تقي
in the name of Allah
un homme musilman et serious avec un coeur attacher par les mousque
im looking for serious muslim man well mannered and carying sportif
respectful, easy-going, positive, supportive, affectionate, loving, gentle,forgiving and Husband who want to build a family around tranquility and the pleasure of Allah ,husband who have fear from Allah ,and who make Allah fisrt always,I never believed in this to have " Boyfriends There has never been in my mind and hamduAllah i kept my self from haram and if you are from the ones who believed in BOYfriends or Girlfriends dont contact me please