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DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Jul 30, 2021 08:20

I want to find my half deen, I hope I will find him on this site, insha Allah.

I am an Indonesian Chinese, single, height/weight 157/70, never been married. My friend describe me as a caring, loving, helpful and respectful. But I’m just a simple and ordinary woman. So, if you want to find a very beautiful / elegant woman, maybe not me.

I'm still working at HR Department, I like cooking, writing, watching Asian dramas/Movies with english subtitle only to learning english. I like traveling a lot, I hope my future husband likes too and will accompany me around the world, but must to go to Hajj first and more Umrah (I only do 1 time Umrah in Jqn 2020, alhamdulilah, so amazing, love to go back and this time will do it at full of Ramadan Month till Shawwal insha Allah).

Khadijah is not my real name, I like this name because I love mother Khadijah, she is the woman I respect the most, she is my idol, a good wife who always smiles in any condition, has a lot of love and respect for her husband, which makes half of her husband's burden disappear every time he comes home and meets her. If I have a chance to be a housewife, I wanna to be like her attitude and her pure love for our Prophet Mohamed. Insha Allah I wanna to be Khadijah for my husband. May Allah grant my dreams and intentions.

For years, I thought I was okay with living alone, until I discovered in Islam that marriage is half deen to be pursued. So, now I will open my heart, I hope to share my life with him which is a gift from Allah.

For me, marriage is a mandate, Allah entrusted me to him and Allah entrusted him to me to be loved, appreciated and guarded properly... Maybe I am not perfect, but I have a sincere heart to appreciate and love him which is a gift from Allah.

I want to be a comfortable friend to talk to and discuss with. No matter how heavy the problems we face will be resolved by holding hands, warm hugs and praying together to Allah.

I accept polygamy but I hope it is not I who caused polygamy. I accept polygamy in the sense that I will give permission to my husband if one day he wants to do polygamy.

If my husband is a single parent and has children, living together or not, I will love my husband's children like my own.

I am here to seriously try to find my life partner to complete my half deen. Life is too short and temporary, we don't know maybe we only have 10 years left, or 5 years left, or 1 year, or few months, or 1 month, or 1 week or maybe not more than 1 day. What is our provision to return to Allah when that day comes? I hope we will strive to stay together on the right path until the end of our lives, hand in hand to support and warn each other.

I reverted to Islam for a long time by my own decision, alhamdulilah.
I love learning about Islam, I want to get better and better in faith every day until I leave the world. I hope my life partner has the same vision as me. May Allah bless us, insha Allah, aameen ...

I am looking for a good muslim, a practicing muslim.
Someone who always loves and fears to Allah.
Someone who could hold my hands to step on this path, both Qur'an and As sunnah.
Someone who has a kind hearted and manners, wise, trustworthy, respectful.
Someone who believes that the love comes from Allah will grow well and become a way of worship.
Someone who believes that Allah will give us a companion in this short life to grow old together peacefully until after life.

Note for scammers :
I am not rich, so don't waste your time to scam me, Allah always protect me from those who don't love themselves, who are not afraid about afterlife.



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