52 - Sunni

DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Oct 19, 2021 20:54

I want to find my half deen, I hope I will find him on this site, insha Allah.

I am an Indonesian Chinese, 52 years old, single, never been married, reverted, wearing hijab. I’m just a simple and ordinary woman, I am 157/70, not tall, not slim. So, if you want to find a very beautiful / elegant woman, maybe not me

I am sorry that my photos can't be shared publicly because there are so many fake profiles and scammers, my photos will only be shared with the right people I will choose and after a comfortable chat.

I am here to seriously try to find my life partner to complete my half deen, someone whose name has been written in Lauh Mahfudz as my partner since I was not born. I'm sure no matter how far he is, if he is my soul mate then Allah will arrange our meeting at the appointed time. As an ummah, we just need to do our best, and the rest, Allah decides.

I am looking for a practicing muslim.
Someone who always loves and fears to Allah.
Someone who could hold my hands to step on this path, both Qur'an and As sunnah.
Someone who believes that the love comes from Allah will grow well and become a way of worship.
Someone who believes that Allah will give us a companion in this short life to grow old together peacefully until after life in Jannah, Insha Allah.
I just want to live peacefully with my life partner, worship together every day, learning Islam together to be a better Muslim, chat together, cook together, eat together, and rest together. Sometimes walking along the beach together, hiking together or travelling together.

I'm not against polygamy because it's allowed in our religion but I am not a practicing so please don't message me if you are looking for a 2nd wife, because I don't want to be the cause of polygamy.

Because I don't want to meet scammers anymore, so I will let my "walee" to talk to you and your family when we want to go to the final step, inshaa Allah. Do not waste our time if you can't prove yourself to be a real person someday (You can't make video calls to prove who you are.), and can't go to my country to marry me with marriage legal procedures of my country and take me to live with you in your country, then stop from the start.

Sorry I am looking for a Widow or Divorced legally, have children and don't need more children is better. Single is okay if he can accept me as I am and not expected for more kids. But the age difference between us is preferably no more than 15 years younger than me.

Note for scammers :
I am not rich, so don't waste your time to scam me, Allah always protect me from those who don't love themselves, who are not afraid about afterlife.



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