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35 - Sunni

East Java, Indonesia

Jun 19, 2021 14:03

I'm here trying to find a friendship relationship, friendship for a more serious long term relationship. If indeed we have the same vision and match each other. I know finding a life partner on an online site is like looking for a needle that has fallen in a haystack. It means a difficult thing. Lots of scammers and people who just intend to have fun. A little about myself that I can tell here. I'm a simple woman. An introvert. Shy. but if you already know each other I like humor. Casual but serious person. I'm not a rich woman who has a lot of money, cars and luxury houses. I'm also not a beautiful woman who has a body like a model. So if you are looking for a rich and beautiful woman, you are in the wrong person. The photo I posted here is not the real me. It's someone else's photo, but I got permission from him. I don't post my own photos because I'm afraid they will be misused by irresponsible people. Even though I'm not pretty, I'm not ugly either. Alhamdulillah... I really appreciate honesty, loyalty, responsibility. I'm open minded. If you are looking for a second wife, sorry don't ask me that. Because I'm not here to be a second or third wife. If you guys just want to be friends I'm fine with that. But if you are looking for s*x online. Stay away from me. That's so disgusting.


Fida Mufida

Age: 27 / sunni

East Java


Age: 29 / other

East java


Age: 44 / sunni

East Java