23 - Sunni

Luxembourg , Luxembourg

Sep 24, 2021 00:16

Assalam alaikum
It's my first time I'll try such a matrimonial website, and since I don't trust websites, my pic can't be shared on public because there are so many fake profiles and scammers, my pic will be shared only with the right person I'll choose !

I'll trynna give a brief bio about myself. My name is Abeer actually I'm still studying didn't graduated yet, I live with my family.
I'm quite open minded caring my friends describe me as funny , easygoing, loving hard working and serious
I'm a good listner too, I like to discuss other's opinions and listen to them. Another fact I'm a light sleeper, and this made problems for me sometimes especially when I'm exhausted.
I love go on walks, nature, rainy weather, sunset, photography, poems and books too.
I appreciate those who're mature, caring serious and honest.

What I'm looking for?
Someone who fear allah swt , sincere supporting understanding honest, have a sense of humour, responsible. Who know how to handle with hard situations. Someone who I'll feel secure with him
I'm not looking for the perfect man , I'm not perfect myself

P.S : I've nothing against polygamy since it's allowed in our deen but please don't send me a message if you're looking for a 2nd wife, I'm kinda jealous so it'll be very hard to share the same man ! .
I don't like to play around for sure everyone deserves a reply since it needs courage to send a message to someone, I hate being prejudicial but please do believe that I've my own judgment

Update * :
I wear hijab of course ( khimar long dresses ) I don't cover my face
I don't put makeup since it's harmful for the skin but I take care of my skin and
I prefer only lipsticks ( light color one)
I hate routine and laziness I love to discover and make new thing
Please if you're not serious don't approach me or even text me ! It's hard for me to trust anyone
If you're sick or have a healthy problems please tell me ( sorry I can't deal with mental diseases prefer to deal with physical diseases)
I'm not against relocation if everything is going well
Need someone who's calm family oriented who have affection and love toward me and my family not careless one
Someone who don't spend so much money you need to save your money
Arguing is normal thing and can happen in any relationship but I won't accept any physical abuse I can deal with someone who raise his voice for me I get angry rarely