23 - Sunni

Luxembourg , Luxembourg

May 19, 2022 21:01

Assalam alaikum
I'll trynna give a brief bio about myself. My name is Abeer actually I'm still studying didn't graduated yet, I live with my family.
I'm quite open minded caring my friends describe me as funny , easygoing, loving hard working and serious
I'm a good listner too, I like to discuss other's opinions and listen to them. Another fact I'm a light sleeper, and this made problems for me sometimes especially when I'm exhausted.
I love go on walks, nature, rainy weather, sunset, photography, poems and books too.
I appreciate those who're mature, caring serious and honest.

What I'm looking for?
Someone who fear allah swt , sincere supporting understanding honest, have a sense of humour, responsible. Who know how to handle with hard situations. Someone who I'll feel secure with him
I'm not looking for the perfect man , I'm not perfect myself

P.S : I've nothing against polygamy since it's allowed in our deen but please don't send me a message if you're looking for a 2nd wife, I'm kinda jealous so it'll be very hard to share the same man ! .
I don't like to play around for sure everyone deserves a reply since it needs courage to send a message to someone, I hate being prejudicial but please do believe that I've my own judgment