35 - Shia

(East Azerbaycan)tabriz , Iran

May 24, 2024 01:38

Am not here for marriage I have been visiting this site for many years, many women and girls have been chatting here for years and have not made any move towards their lives, they just talk beautifully! Marriage just for immigration is really stupid because you can easily immigrate with study visa, work tourist and investment visa. There is poverty in European countries, America and Canada too. Your problems will not end with immigration, but will intensify. I don't care if you are Shia or Sunni or another ..., what matters is humanity. I don't like to pretend am perfect nobody is not. Unfortunately, in the Middle East region, all terrorist groups are Sunni, Christian, and Jewish, of course too, there are good and bad in all religions. Rotten and outdated thoughts have no place in my life. Respect for others, mutual understanding, intelligence, appropriate behavior, respect and honesty are important not nigab!!!When you wear a niqab, it means that you consider yourself a sexual tool. The world needs strong women and girls with high thoughts and understanding.....