41 - Sunni

Tripoli, Libya, Algeria

Oct 26, 2021 23:41

‏Assalam alikum, I'm Ahmed from Libya I chosen Algeria above because there no Libya in the countries list, I can describe my self as a simple Muslim man and I'm here looking for my future wife inshaAllah, I never married before with no kids, I'd like to build a huge and strong Muslim family inshaAllah saying that while I know that the first step in that is finding my right life partner and the right mother for my future kids, I'm very realistic and pragmatic, I can be very understanding and caring man, Islam is everything for me and I'll always try to live as a good Muslim inshaAllah. ‏I always choose to live the simple and humble Muslim life as I'm not fascinated with the modern showy and fashionable life, I'm not perfect or seeking a perfect wife but we can support each other to keep our life nice.

‏I don’t mind to relocate for my future wife but we need to agree to live and rise our kids in a Muslim country so maybe she will need to relocate as well.

‏I'm 5'5 (164 cm) if thats matters and I would prefer my future wife to be within this range up or down.

‏I don’t mind marrying an older lady who is a good Muslimah.

‏I’m not well settled financially and that’s another challenge need to be working on with my future wife.

‏Wishing the best of this life and the there after life for all inshaAllah.