48 - Sunni

North Carolina, United States

Jul 6, 2022 16:05

Sooooo.. im pretty serious Natured (for the most part). Not making that good OR bad really.
Simply the prism in which I tend to see the world.
That said, I laugh a lot too,
I like to laugh.
I like things that tickle me lol
So I would like a lighter natured partner for balance.
Being enough alike to have things in common. While different enough not to repel one another . (Think 2 positively charged magnets that push away from connection.)
Nowww think, 1 positively charged and 1 negatively charged magnet being hard to break connection with).
Get it??? ....

Besides being somewhat serious natured,
Im extremely shy.
I CAN be whitty and social at times but honestly like intimate settings with few special friends as apposed to MANY persons who bring with their presence, or leave behind, nothing good or valuable.
I like to share the company of decent folk.
Not PERFECT, (No pretense here) But ,DECENT,
truthful, stands by his/her word
can trust you with my life

Either that or ,None (freinds) at all for me, please and thank you. .

( great sense of humor naturally.) BUT I try to be responsible with that too , as SOME things just ARENT funny, especially when they are provoking some sort of pain in others (if that makes sense)?

If it DOES make sense to you
then possibly youre the yin for my personal yang and vise versa. Yes? lol...
Shall we see???

Few last things i`ll note about me are that
Im a bit impatient
i`m Very Creative,
strong willed and simultaneously SENSITIVE to a fault sometimes.

If youv'e read this far, Please also note that i'm NOT going to talk on the phone with a non Mahram Man UNLESS you agree to talk with my mahram on the line. I'm NOT going to Watsapp, Video chat, send you pictures etc. When/ if it gets as far as setting up a video call conversation. I will at that time show my face on the call upon request (assuming the potential lives far away). other than that there is no need, so I dont intend to do it.

Thanks so much for understanding.



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