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Alaska, United States

Apr 12, 2021 14:14

I'm a revert originally from Arizona, but I moved to Alaska for work and investment opportunities. I currently work in the fishing industry and I make pretty decent money when I do work. For now I'm investing almost everything I make and I'm going to try to start a few businesses, inshallah they will succeed and I can focus on a family and not need to work.

I tend to work contracts in which I work 7 days a week for a few months on islands or in the ocean and then I have months where I don't work. Alhamdullillah I make enough money to where I can afford time off.

I'm currently also saving up to build a cabin.

I only mention work so much because I think it's important that a woman knows what kind of stuff a man does does for a living and to provide for her.

Since I travel for work as well I am also willing to buy a house in whatever country you may live in if it's cheaper than Alaska, since I'd like living in a Muslim country and our money could go further that way too.

I cam to Islam slowly over the course of a few years and I'm very strict about it. I do not have a specific madhab because I'm an American revert but whatever your madhab is is what I'll be.

If you have any questions please inbox me. I work many hours a week so I won't be on here browsing at all, so you'll probably have to message first or I won't see/find you.



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