43 - Other

Central Anatolia Region/Turkey, Turkey

Apr 7, 2021 09:52

Open-minded, giving value to all beings because of Allah, always searching for good things in order to get close to Allah.
I like traveling, cooking deliciously, praying, Contemplating Allah in all the beauties in the world, Watching meaningful movies, reading books, nice scents, sometimes painting in oil, I listen to music that will bring joy to my soul, I am always willing to research and learn to be a good person, People around me say that I have a kind soul and a wide heart, I respect to mind and intelligence, I hate making pressure on people and lying, I like sharing my emotions, thoughts and if my sweetheart shares with me then I fly to sky high of joy. In this world every good or bad things may happen to people but even in these hard circumstances people must stay calm, not get angry talk to each other I mean sharing feelings and thoughts and spread the love all over the world like a fountain then everything will get better good times and bad times have their own times that will pass...