20 - Sunni

Turkey, France

Apr 11, 2021 16:01

I am a tall young man (1m92 I hope you are not afraid of heights), with dark eyes, beard and hair, slightly matte skin/tan, with an athletic/muscular physique (92kg).  

Born from an Algerian father and a French mother, I am currently expatriated in Turkey (hijra). I like to do business since the age of 16 as well as travel and meditate on the creation of Allah.

According to my family and the people I've traveled with, I'm pretty easy to live with.
I don't like conflict and my peace of mind and well-being are priceless.
Furthermore, I am clean and organized by nature.  
I am exigent with myself, I like to develop in all spheres of my life (spiritual, physical, intellectual, etc.)
Even if I really like to laugh, I remain serious/emotionally stable by nature.
Although I am sociable and easy to talk to, I am by nature reserved and solitary.  
I don't have any unhealthy jealousy or complex, because I am confident, aware and grateful about my own value.
If you know the MBTI, among the 16 personalities, I am: ENFJ-A (or even ISTJ according to the tests).  

In terms of my life project, my ultimate goal is the reason for my creation, which is to attain the Satisfaction and Love of Allah through His worship.
As well as reaching His closeness through His grace and Mercy, may He allow us to do so (as well as being a + for the ummah and even humanity through dahwa).  

As for my part in this world, I have most of the things I desired on a material and physical level.
I am already expatriated as mentioned before in a Muslim country that I appreciate very much and in which I wish to live with my future wife insha'Allah.  
However, I wish to continue to travel to meditate on Allah's creation (dhikr) to open my mind more and learn new things and to become better insha'Allah.  

I consider marriage as an act of worship before anything else. I wish to meet a woman who is on the same path as me.
That is to say, one who has put Allah at the center of her life and as her one and main goal from which everything else flows.
To end my monologue (lol), may Allah grant us coolness of eyes through our offspring and our life partner!