32 - Sunni

Île de France, France

Feb 27, 2021 22:48

I live in France close to Paris.
I'm learning Arabic for reading the noble Qur'an.
I want to move out to another country.

I look for a woman between 20 to 28 yo who I can like for her beauty, her values, her good temper, her good family and friends and her love and pride for Islam.

I look young yo but I'm 33yo. Women I wanted to marry in the past don't feel attracted by my face but are most of time attracted by my character. I like working, doing sports football, fight, games with family, friends

I don't hang out a lot outside of but I love travelling. I don't smoke, no alcohol, no drugs, no disco nights. I pray, do ramadan, read 1 surat each day in Arabic, make duas twice a day.

I look for wedding partner, one is enough.
May Allah guide me and gives us all satisfaction.