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China, China

Feb 25, 2021 23:22

Assalam alikum WoRahamtuAllahi WoBarakatuhu, JazakaLlahu Khairen for visiting my profile, I have been polite most of the time, but I realized it usually leads to another unproductive/endless circle!

So don't complain that I am being rude to not respond you, because if you respected what I wrote, you would not send me message, if you:

1, Have picture, but are not properly bearded;
2, Greet a Muslim with "Hi, dear", Subhan Allah!
3, ...

I don't need to list all that, because as a REAL Salafi(what I am looking for), you will know, Insha Allah.

So, here, I politely answered all those who don't meet the criteria:
"Woalikum Assalam WoRahamtuAllahi WoBarakatuhu, JazakaLlahu Khairen for your Duaa/compliments/..."
So sorry and forgive me I won't reply you privately.

May Allah Bless you the sister you are looking for here, and Make you leave this website ASAP!

Assalam alikum WoRahamtuAllahi WoBarakatuhu!

About Me:

1. General:

Name: Salafia中国
Gender: Female
Age: 08/1983
Origin/Nationality: China
Current residence: Yiwu, China
Willing to relocate: Yes (Any Muslim country, preferably an Arabic country)

2. Physical:

Height: 167 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Body style: Athletic
Ethnicity: Asian (Han/Chinese majority)
Complexion: Fair
Appearance: Attractive

3. Professional:

Education: B.E.
Languages: Mandarin (Official Chinese/Mother tongue)
Hunanese (Mother tongue)
English (Proficiency)
Arabic (Fluency)
Occupation: TCSL Teacher ( part time)
TCSL: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
Prospect: Religion /Profession TCM/… …
Religion: Tafseer /Seerah /…(Any knowledge strengthens my belief)
Profession: Chinese (Language), Culture, History, Sports, …
TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine
... …

4. Religiously:

Religion: Converted Sunni Muslima (Salafia /Ahlul Assunah)
Salah: Trying/need help
Quran: TryingDaily, Insha Allah
Dressing: Black Abaya &Hijab (all the time)+ black Nikab (sometimes)
Foods: Halal always
Addiction: No
TV: No
Dislikes: Music
Make ups
Perfume outside
Beard cutting
Birthday /festivals celebrating other than 2 Eids
… …

5. Families:

Children: 2 (boy 7&girl 11)
Living status: Alone with kids
Families: 2+5 (parents +elder brother +sister-in-law +nephew)
Description: non-Muslims but very nice and helpful

6. Marital:

Status: Divorced
E.X.: Free completely (DIVORCED but no difference than WIDOWED)
Want more kids: Yes
Polygamy: 5%
to ME: should be very knowledgeable and into running /helping me in running for the next life;
to MY FAMILIES (just so they can happy and relaxed about me): should be very or at least comparatively wealthy.

7. Others:

Self description: (shortcomings will be told privately, lol…)
Patient, diligent, soft, quiet, strong, trustworthy, devoted, emotional, indoor, sporty (basketball/badminton/rollar skating/..., kongfu in learning), very dependent, ... Now forced to be independent, .... AlhamduliLlah...Don't associate with grown-ups too much, innocent like a kid, all of the classmates of my kids envy them because of their mother. Can be emotional and attached to somebody like a kid too... Lol...
Pastime activities: Library, sports, families, studying, teaching, nature, fishing, …
Foods: Good appetite, not picky but can’t live without fruits and vegetables.
Travelled: Lived in Egypt for years, travelled to Malaysia... Saudi Arabia!!! Insha Allah
Cultural Adaption: Very adaptive, all my classmates/co-workers were from all over the world, now all my Chinese students are Arabs... As long as you practice Islam according to Sunnah and Quran, I prefer my future spouse is from another cultural background, and has a strong ability in intercultural communication too...
Romance: Anything with the lover would be romantic, but dislike malls or crowded/noisy places, ... Prefer mountains/library/sports/nature/...

Looking for:

Perfect Match: Born/Converted Sunni Muslim (Salafi /Ahlul Assunah)(required)
Details: Knowledgeable religiously, keen on learning, proper bearded (without cutting), WILLING/ABLE to make Hijrah to a Muslim country, ...
Age: 33-55(preferred)
Details: 38-48 (required)
33-37 (preferred) so far he is mature and has a strong personality
49-55 (preferred) so far he is financially very stable
Status: Widowed/ divorced (preferred), single(considered), married(see to NO.6 Marital/polygamy)
With kids: Any
Want more kids: Yes (preferred)
Physical attraction (Relative, until I see him) (preferred)
Height: Not short (required)
Tall (preferred)
Weight: Not too fat (required)
Athletic (preferred)
Sporty (preferred)
Ethnicity: any
Education: Bachelor /above(preferred)
Good relationship with families, filial(بر الوالدين), love kids (required)
Wise, nice but strong personality, well mannered (required)

Lazy, lack of communication, close minded, Takfeer (think everybody is Kufar), weak personality, wasting, …


Please if your profile does not include these points could you send them in your message, it is just to make the process more smooth, I am very flexible but want to be straightforward

1 - Are you a practicing Muslim?
2 - What is your job?
3 - Can you relocate to a Muslim land?
4 - Are you mentally and emotionally ready for a wife, especially with kids from previous marriage?
5 - Do you have the financial ability to marry and make Hijrah?
6 - What's your marital status?
7 - Do you have kids? Genders/ages/relationship with you?
8 - Do you want more kids?
9 -What's your physical data: height/weight/ethnicity?
10-What're your pastime activities?

Jazaakallah khair thank you in advance!