25 - Sunni

Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Jan 25, 2021 23:28


I am single and never have been married.

I describe myself as respectful, understanding and down to earth.

I have completed advanced studies in Arabic, Hadith, Fiqh and Tafseer.

In my free time, I like reading Islamic books.
I also like reading on philosophy and psychology.

I read Qur'an daily and I'm trying to memorise the Qur'an.

I practise Islam and try to implement the Sunnah as best as I can in my life.

I also exercise and work out regularly to keep on top on my physical health.

I mostly maintain my physique, but I can really dig into a good meal at a restaurant. I am also interested in traveling.
I've travelled and lived in a few countries.

I don't smoke or do shisha.

I'm searching for someone that is religious.

Someone that puts our Deen first in anything they do.

Someone that is genuine.

Someone that is honest and trustworthy.



Age: 32 / sunni

United Kingdom


Age: 40 / other

United Kingdom