41 - Sunni

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegowina

Jan 28, 2021 14:17

Asalamu alaikum.

I'm 41 years practising muslim, married, 2 beautiful daughters. Indenpendent, self employed. Not rich not poor. Strict in deen, relaxed when it comes to dunya stuff.

Looking for: practising muslima 27-38, a single mother of 1 female child not older than 9 (female child because i have daughters also) or a sister who cant have children. Im not interested in girls who were never married.

I dont care about nationality, ethnicity, skin color or economic status. All im looking for is islam, love and respect. A sister must fulfill her mandatory islamic duties: Salah, fasting, proper hijab, staying away from harams...

Very important: dear sister, if you want luxury lifestyle im not for you. I dont live like that and i dont want to. Me and my family, we love beautiful simple lifestyle, having a lot of time for each other and enjoying Allahs blessings. A person who is chasing dunya or a career would not fit our lifestyle.
But sister, if you are a family oriented woman who has no problem with polygamy (my wife is absolutely fine with it and shed wellcome another muslim sister and her child in our family) if you want to live acording to Quran and sunna, stabile marriage, a muslim husband who will never cheat & beat you, who will take care of you (and your child), inbox me bismilah. If we agree, ill marry you legally, with all the papers and everything necessary for you to live here with us normally.