60 - Sunni

Zahlè, Lebanon

Jul 30, 2021 01:23

A man from the Syrian Arab Republic, I live as a refugee in Lebanon, lonely affectionate and passionate, a true Muslim. I am looking for a wife who loves me and I love her so that I can live with her for the rest of my life from any country. Poor I don't have money, and that is not a shame. May God enrich them from His bounty, and God is the One with the Great Bounty.For my part, I will not intrude on anyone. I am waiting for a message from the one who only wants me..waiting for your message. I will not want you to be disappointed. There are some people who think that if you tell them you want an interest or at least obtain a visa to enter their country. The truth is it is unfortunate. They forget that you are looking for their sincerity and love for you and the right age for you. They do not address girls who do not suit their age at all.. In fact, he is looking for love. And love is in God. But I think that they have a right. 🌹🌷