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29 - Sunni

Singapore, Singapore

Oct 1, 2022 15:35

Bismillah, I am searching for someone whom I can share my life with. Someone who takes the religion seriously and holds it highly and tightly. No one is perfect, me included, but heading towards it should be our goal. We are all human beings after all, not angels.

As for my personality, I would say I am an introvert? I took some of the tests online, and the results were mostly INTP and sometimes INFP, so look it up yourself about those traits. I am quite a reserve person and quiet, especially to those I am not close with or a stranger to me. But pretty sure things change after knowing that person.

I enjoy intellectual discussion or something that stimulates the mind. I would say I am not a person who follows the masses blindly. I would take a step back and ponder over it, evaluate it, and then execution. But not all the time, though.

I enjoy reading history and religion. I love beautiful sceneries that sooth the eyes and tranqualises the hearts. I'm not really a fan of crowded places and havoc.

I follow the Quran and Sunnah with the understanding of the Salaf from this ummah. I was brought up in islamic family, went to islamic school. Further my study in Saudi, Islamic University of Madeenah. Graduated with a degree from the faculty of Sharee'ah walhamdulillah. Currently I am trying to contribute to the community by sharing what I learnt.

That's brief information about myself. If we match, we can proceed inshaaAllah. If not, Alhamdulillah, indeed, he is the most wise, all-knowing. So, what can we do? Sabr is the answer and put your full trust only to him. Wama lana an laa natawakkal 'alaih??

I ask Allah to ease all your affairs and place you in the highest level of paradise with the anbiyaa and solehin. Allahumma Ameen.



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