42 - Sunni

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegowina

Oct 26, 2020 14:16

Polygamy alert! 🙂
Practicing muslim, married, two female children. Handsome, self employed. Not rich, not poor. Very sincere, romantic person. A good husband, the best father. To me, my spouse is a lover and the best friend, my soul mate. I like to spend a lot of time with my family, to laugh and have lots of fun in halal manner.
Looking for a single mother (25-38) of one or two female children (1-9 years old.) Don't care about ethnicity, nationallity, skin color, economic status. She has to be a true Muslima who strives to live according to Quran and sunna, fullfils religious obligations (prays, fasts, has correct hijab, niqab) doesn't listen music, doesn't sit with non mahrams. I'm looking for a traditional wife, not a career chaser.
Note: I'm not interested for women without kids. Also, I'm not here just to chat or waste time. If we agree to marry, it will be legally with papers and everything necessary inshallah.