41 - Sunni

Cleveland, United Kingdom

May 14, 2022 21:48

I'm honest, good, and caring man. I like to go shopping, cinema, restaurants, holidays, watch tv and play video games. Sometimes i pray and watch islamic channels, listen to nasheeds, naats and quran audio. Also i give to charities regularly. I'm single and never married. No children. I dont smoke, dont drink alcohol, virgin, only eat halal and vegetarian. During the day i like to drink tea, juice, and sometimes hot milk at night. I eat 2x meals a day. Wash my face, brush my teeth, have a regular bath. Sometimes i exercise by doing sit ups at home, weight lifting etc. I sometimes go walking to shops and to my mums. I dont drive a car as yet - maybe later i will. I take medicine, but it doesnt stop me living life, earning and doing things. I earn from home, a mix of websites, mining and apps.



Age: 33 / sunni

United Kingdom


Age: 47 / sunni

United Kingdom