54 - Sunni

Oklahoma, United States

Oct 1, 2020 06:53

Salaam, I'm Hamza, I describe myself as calm, open and understanding.
I place alot of importance on truth and prioritise Islam in everything I do.
I have an interest in Islamic knowledge which I read regularly on, fitness, and travelling (I would like to travel with my spouse).

I enjoy reading Arabic Islamic books, going for meals, working out, and spending time with friends and family. I have studied Islam and would like my spouse to join me on my journey of knowledge.
I also like humour and adventure.

In a marriage, I'll offer stability, security and a relationship based on communication, care and affection.

I'm looking for someone that is genuine, mature and understands that a happy marriage is made to last when the ingredients of care, affection and gratitude are mixed in with understanding, communication and patience.

Someone that is soft by nature and likes meaningful conversations.

Someone that also has a sense of humour and is keen on travelling and adventure.

If the person is a revert or anyone else that would like to learn Islamic knowledge, then I would be delighted for my spouse to learn with me.

I am what people call somewhat traditional and I feel that roles in a household are shared between the husband and wife.

I haven't put up a profile picture for privacy reasons. I would be willing to exchange pictures once basic compatibility is established.

If you feel you might be interested, then kindly send a message.



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