26 - Shia

Fès - Meknès, Morocco

Oct 1, 2020 09:49

I'm someone who is easygoing, friendly, tolerant, always smiling, kind, gentle, hardworking, and loved by the people around me. My main hobbie is reading books, especially islamic and history books.

I'm expecting my future wife to be respectful, well practicing in terms of religion, wearing hijab regularly, kind, capable of taking care of the house, and having respect for her future husband and his family. In brief, i would like to have a wife who will help me staying close to Allah SWT all along the way and more importantly to educate our children to be submissive followers of the path of Allah his prophet SAWA and Ahlulbayt AS.

I'm currently still in my End of Studies training (internship) as a Software Developping Consultant in order to get my Engineering diploma in Software Developpement and my Master's degree in Computer Science very soon inshaAllah that's why i'm seeking marriage between one and two years from now so that I can be well prepared and also get to know the person and her family closely before getting fully engaged.