38 - Sunni

─░zmir, Turkey

Jul 28, 2021 19:33

I am quite happy & content with who I am and I think that is important in a person. My religion is important to me, it is an important part of who I am. I pray and fast regularly. But I would say I am quite liberal, I believe Islam itself is quite liberal in many areas.
I am open and honest, especially so with people close to me. When I say something I truly mean it. I think that also makes me a bit too self-conscious about how I feel. You are not likely to hear me utter romantic love words, not much anyway, because I never truly know how I feel and then it all feels to manipulative. I would rather show how I feel through my actions.
I am quite driven, I would want to have a positive impact on this earth, more than simply go through life.
I am well read and well traveled, having been to and lived in different countries, I enjoy exploring and experiencing different things. I will likely move in the near future, so it is a bonus if you are not stuck in one place. I have a degree in Engineering and work as in software development.
I am divorced, have no kids.