27 - Sunni

بسكرة , Algeria

Aug 18, 2020 08:57

Between strength and fragility is my motto

I love knowledge, wisdom, science and meditation ..
My Spiritual Model: Religious / Scholar / Wise
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Therefore, I am really looking for someone who is similar to me, we can understand each other and support each other to achieve our destiny inshallah.

About Me
Affectionate, calm, gentle, average beauty, sensitive, respectful, ambitious, intellectual, easy going but determined in things close to my heart.

Learning / Research, Meditation, Playing Football, Nature, Animals, Music, Travel, Cultural Visits, Watching Thrilling Movies / Reports / Documentaries, Video Games, Motorbike, Dance / Skateboarding, Giving Affection, Giving Advice

Life project:
/ | / I fight depression (in bad times, otherwise in good times, I'm really excited and happy), anxiety, emotional dependence. / | \

(I do the basics, especially because I prefer to devote myself more to my life in worship) But I like to give all my love, tenderness, tenderness, concern, admiration and thanks ... to my future wife, God willing. In that aspect, I think I will be a very loving and loyal husband inshallah.