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37 - Sunni

kosova, Albania

Jul 3, 2020 21:17

eselamu alejkum i am aware that none of us is perfect so im not much demanding and i dont think criticism is a solution instead i preffere supporting and incenting people to get better and i expect the same treatment toward me.however at the matters of religion 5 pilars must be completed ,and its very important to be loyal to Allah and muslims so when death comes to us it will find us on the right side and maybe Allah may forgive us ,i would like to mention some words from Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah in a book about love principles and desires that the order of love must be Allah comes first than the prophet than our parents and only than ourselfs so we should try to put our love in this order so we can live much happier

if u are a sister that agree to these words that i said than dont hesistate to send me a message and pls let your wali observe our conversation ill try to contact only sisters whom i find they will be fine with my understanding of islam so if i make a mistake than just let me know and we go seperate ways in peace