42 - Sunni

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegowina

Aug 11, 2020 09:53

I'm a very honest Muslim, 42 (but look younger alhamdulilah) middle class, self employed, independent. Not rich not poor alhamdulilah. Educated, gentle person. Married, have 2 daughters. Looking for a honest muslima 25-38 who is ok with polygamy and is willing to relocate and live with us according to rules of our beautiful deen. I'd prefer a sister who has one female child 1-9 years old (but its not a condition). A woman who can't have kids is also an option.
Dont care about ethnicity, nationality, economic status, skin color. What matters is Islam and respect. Im looking for family oriented woman, who will obey her husband exept in haram, not a career chaser or money seeker. If you want a luxury and fancy lifestyle im not for you. But if you want a stabile marriage based on quran and sunna, family, husband who loves you and takes care of you, bismilah lets talk. My wife is absolutely fine with having another sister in our home. You can ask her personally 🙂
Note: if i find the right person ill marry her with papers if course, so she can stay here legally and live normally without problems.