20 - Sunni

Laois, Ireland

Aug 8, 2020 20:16

Assalamu alaykum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuhu.
I'm a student midwife (in my final year ). Would love to travel after. I prefer to base my life decisions on Islam and its' teachings rather than cultural traditions.

I'm ethnically Nigerian, born and raised in Ireland. Currently residing with my family.

I attend islamic knowledge courses online to improve my understanding of the deen. Volunteer, teach and learn at my local masjid and with Muslim charity organisations. I generally like to surround myself with positivity and good people. This is very important to me. Hope I find someone with similar values insha Allah.

I love to write (be it a diary entry, a short story or poetry.. it's a way I express myself), dine out, explore new places and I'm a huge movie fanatic. I'm always up for an adventure... a bit spontaneous but you ought live life to the fullest, eh?

I am interested in meeting a mature man that's on the same page and has the motivation to improve his understanding of the deen every day.

Ma salaam