Please vote here for Admin to add a "Rate this User" button on all profiles.

Please vote here for Admin to add a "Rate this User" button on all profiles.

Peace Guy Created Feb 14, 2018 20:56

This would:
1. Flag everyone of scammers, dirty-talkers, or time wasters;
2. Promote politeness, courtesy and sensitivity to others;
3. Encourage everyone to compete for good credibility;
4. Help the sincere people find other sincere matches;
5. Show interested users what type of profiles the member has contacted, and;
6. Make room for another sponsored ad on profile pages.

Many yellow pages directories use this system to rate vendors, doctors, etc.

It would go something like this:

Mr. Muslim
30 - sunni
New York, United States
March 1, 2018
Likes: 2 Dislikes: 1
Rate this user
This is my profile.
blaa blaa blaa
ipsum lorum emet.

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Miss Manners: I found this person to be polite but not for me.

Miss Helpful: This dude is persistent, and I appreciate a man who knows what he wants. He needs a really dynamic wife. Keep looking brother, I'm praying for you.


Miss Informer: This person sent harassing messages and wouldn't stop even after I told him to please leave me alone. I have blocked his profile. Sisters be aware.

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Deleted User

Feb 15, 2018 01:46

If a sister doesn't reply to a dude's message, that guy defo gonna be making 10 fake ids and drop bad ratings and reviews = )))

Peace Guy

Feb 15, 2018 12:12

Very good point, mujtabakhan666; there might be vengeful people who could try to retaliate against an innocent shy person. My answer is: Yes, you are right, and because this is true, the suggested new system would automatically correct this very problem!

The whole purpose of this new system is to promote good Muslim behavior. The kind of sociopath you describe making fake accounts for harassment has no business being on Helahel. Furthermore, it is those type of "dudes" that make the gals shy and not want to reply.

Let's examine this scenario more closely, based on an unscrupulous man trying to slander a good Muslima:

1. The system functions on credibility, based on the totality of comments. Even if a shy Muslima would choose not to reply to an intimidating man, and the bad-boy tried to slander her, it shouldn't scare away a potential husband. Similar to this forum, the bad-boy's id would be displayed with a link next to the post so that a future good-guy looking at her profile can see just what kind of bad-boy made that remark. A fake account would not have a good rating. Therefore any bad comments from a low ranked or new user would rightfully be discredited or ignored by others. The tender-loving sensitive-guy who would marry a shy type would surely understand what happened.

2. The credibility of a shy Muslima should not be disproportionately jeopardized by weirdos. The women who don't answer someone's message might receive a bad rating, but this is for a hypothetically good reason. Not answering a message could be interpreted as a rude silent stab at bad-boys. There should be no reason why a Muslima could not send a "Sorry brother, I'm not interested" or, "You are nice but not for me". If the bad-boy sends harassing or insulting replies (even if it is from a fake account) she can simply tell everyone about it in the comments of that profile. For more severe cases of harassment, Helahel already offers a "block user" option if the bad-boy doesn't "get the hint" and continues to write nasty things. If a Muslima is very shy and just cannot reply or comment, then she should have a mahram or advocate Muslima do it for her. I see no reason why a shy Muslima (who has no mahram) could not reach out to an outspoken Muslima by sending a message asking for help. Harassing users must be stopped from using this site.

3. The bad-boys' behavior would be exposed, and they would not get far on this site. They would get discouraged and go away, and the shy gals wouldn't need to be so shy.

To conclude my reply to your comment:
This new system should help to keep those sociopathic "dudes" from ruining the online experience for shy women. More women would join. Then Helahel would be the world's best place for Muslims to meet!

Excellent comments; keep them coming!  

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Sellah waingo43yrs

Feb 15, 2018 13:06

Disagree, that will make this site a Mr. and Ms. Congeniality contest, no one is under an obligation to respond to anyone, even in real life you can approach a sister and be ignored, c'est la vie. I personally find titles Ms . Hijab and Ms, Tight jeans inappropriate to sisters,

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Deleted User

Feb 15, 2018 16:41

its good Idea,
but what is better is adding specifications:-
like hair color, height and eye color
and a detailed search engine

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Deleted User

Feb 15, 2018 18:26

@Peace Guy - Respected brother, I personally feel women shouldn't reply back to a profile they aren't interested in because there are only few men of honor who would walkway after receiving a "No". A lady's silence is enough for any person to get the message. And in now way she is entitled to reply back to any person who sends her a message otherwise she'd be engrossed in hell lotta mess. This is just my personal opinion. I respect anyone who would say exactly opposite to what I have said above. But just don't wanna start a debate here. Anyway, some of your ideas seem good. Try getting in touch with the administrator of this site.

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Deleted User

Feb 15, 2018 18:43

Salamu Alaykum Muktabakhan666. Thank you so much for poInting out an extremely important matter. Unfortunately I have to block so many men here just bc they get upset and very rude when I don’t respond to their initiate message. Even in some cases they messaged me with angry tone and asking why I didn’t answer and I politely say bc I am not interested why I should even speak with a man when I don’t like to contact but they get more upset. Therefore I am blocking all men whom I am not interested that way they will not be able to contact me again to either insult me or arguing with me with so much disrespect. It’s very disturbing. I hope brothers respect themselves more and don’t bother sisters who are not contacting them bc they are not interested. Ensha’ALLAH.

Peace Guy

Feb 16, 2018 10:36

To Wa Ingo and all women: Please accept my sincerest apologies for any inappropriate comment I made. I have edited the fictional titles to "Miss Manners" and "Miss Critical" in honor of Wa Ingo's post.

To mujtabakhan666, Wa Ingo, and Kebriya: Allow me to clarify where I was coming from. It saddens me that any person would harass anyone. I thought that everyone would agree that both men and women have the right to be aware of what type of person they are approaching as a potential spouse. My point was that sociopathic behavior should be exposed, and this cannot be accomplished by ignoring a psychotic message so he can go find some other uninformed victim. However, you all have a good points. A sociopath cannot have a loving relationship with anyone. There is a psychological view that recommends that a woman's best defense is to just avoid a sociopath at any cost. So your opinions are justified and well taken. Relevant to this thread, a woman can choose not to reply or comment even if such a button is there. Perhaps we should suggest that the admin add a "Not Interested" button.

To everyone reading this thread:
I would like to approach the admin after we have a majority of active members in favor of the suggested changes.

Please try to keep your comments on the topic of:

The suggested new "rate this user" button comment system and/or "Not Interested" button on this site.

Are you "for" or "against" either or both?

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Deleted User

Mar 18, 2018 22:40

Salam alaykum I am an older sister....I feel a bit sad when I get approached by rather persistent 19 year Olds.. Who ask me why I am really here at my age. My normal response is why are you here aged 19 living in a far away land unemployed and unable to find a wife in your own country. Then I suffer nastiness. It's my right to look for a muslim husband at any age. I still want to enter paradise as a married woman inshah allah. So to all the younger brothers if you cannot afford a mac Donalds filet of fish perhaps you are not ready for the full responsibility of a wife a home and a family yet.


Apr 18, 2018 23:05

yeah add it


Apr 18, 2018 23:06

and if smn can approve my profile pic before others see the msgs i sent ,id appreaciate it


Jun 8, 2018 16:08

OK siipp 👌

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Deleted User

Jul 12, 2018 07:59

This idea could be damaging to peoples chances, say for instance they were harassing women in the past, but have since changed and genuinely want to be different. Those bad reviews would stick. Another thing is that after I refused a brothers MANY advances, he reported me and I could not use my account. I believe there are more cons than pros to this.

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Deleted User

Jul 12, 2018 08:01

I agree with the sisters above, how would we know who is defaming and who is warning truthfully in a review?


Aug 9, 2018 07:41

the situation is a delegate one so as long as u got good polite intention then go n ahead and block or noreply right from the start


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