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What are you guys looking for on woman profile, what are you interested in?
I just want to know, why you are sending a message to a woman that you are interest

Thank you


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Nov 14, 2017 15:57

In my opinion, I think a good noble and righteous Muslim brother should only be interested in any Muslim sister who is head to toe covered (must) in burka or strict niqab and someone must be in love with deen 24/7.

And a good noble, righteous Muslim sister should be interested for marriage in a Muslim brother who has long beard.

And both of them know what is tawheed in detail and negation of shirk and pray 5 times a day. And that should be before the marriage. Because it is very unlikely that after marriage you can increase the knowledge unless you both were strictly in love with deen before marriage. But sadly that kinda interest is hardly seen in people (these days), that is why the interest in deen is vanishing away (wal ayaazu billah). No more, people learn and ponder and discuss matters of deen any more.

Today the people interest is what kinda job he has and what kinda home he lives in? and what kinda money he makes? And what kinda Vehicle he drives?

And what is the status for his deen, aqeedah and Imaan? Oh well, he/she's a Muslim.. don't be an extremist!!!

This is strictly because we have stopped following our deen and have fallen into the trap of dunya and takaathur. (except upon the ones Allaah has His mercy).

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Dec 15, 2017 10:17

Assalamu alaikum.
My sister,
everybody expects to see what is most important to him in a wife. However, what is most important to one man may be totally unimportant to another man. So, I advise you to write what you think is important to you. They will message you and ask you about the rest if it is not reflected on your profile. Good luck.

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Feb 4, 2018 01:18

No offense, but at this time & age, I often found long bearded men & niqabi women are way from being Islamic.

You see, proper Islamic outer attributes are compulsory to adopt, but they are worthless if Islamic behaviors (which often plagued by unIslamic cultural values & norms) are exercised. In a nutshell, looks can be deceiving & not a parameter of one's Eman. Hence, not an utmost point to consider from a spouse.

However, a correct Eman results in nearly complete, if not broad spectrum, Islamic entity. And unfortunately this IS the hardest point to measure as it takes a lifetime to embody & be valid as a Muslim, let alone be discovered by others.

Allahu Musta'an!


Feb 4, 2018 09:09

@sumyyasaf that’s d truth

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Feb 4, 2018 10:48

Sis Ochais

Thanks for chiming in! May we be genuine muslims, body & soul. Ameen

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Feb 4, 2018 11:32

every man has his own preferences,
but usually physical looks and age comes first, and that is because they can not judge women religion according to what they wear.
time should be spent with someone before judging his/her religion and morality.

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Deleted User

Feb 4, 2018 11:49


Indeed. Sorry about your lost girl. May you find a better one!

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Feb 4, 2018 12:42

I don't agree with sister Sumayyasalaf's claim.

Because thinking that one is not properly covered and yet they think they have good ikhlaaq would value? That is not true at all. Many of sisters are noble, ma sha Allah have good ikhlaaq and ikhlaas but they come in front of any men any of the time and call it, i am not at all extremist, it was necessary. But they would easily blame others in their faults

Here, i am talking about those of brothers or sisters who are upon salafi methodologies. I am not talking about non-salafi methdology brothers or sisters with niqaab and long beard. Because many of non-salafi ikhwaan wa akhawaat also have long beard and they also wear niqaab.

What i want point is that everything in islam matters. Da'wah of tawheed matters, staying from shirk matters, praying 5 times a day with ikhlaas matters, staying away from lies matters, being kind to other brothers and sisters in Islam matters also for a sister covering from head to toe matters and for a brother keeping long beard matters.

All these things when are combined called as a Muslim.

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Deleted User

Feb 4, 2018 13:28

thank you,

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Feb 4, 2018 14:57


Maa Shaa Allaah.

I couldn't agree more with the last point: ALL matters. And when a Muslim strive to combine all, he's considered a Mu'min.

However, in real life when many methodologies & their social conceptions are practiced, many laymen or uniformed Muslim individuals would believe in them, unable to differentiate which of which: looks being the visible one. Although these conceptions are in line with the teaching of Islam, often they are abused by the concerned individuals. Partly due to ignorance, partly culture. Sad.

A Muslima having a good akhlaak but doesn't cover properly (yet) needs to be reminded of her shortfall, as well as credited for her akhlaak. The same principle applies to the niqabis (salafi or not). However, its really sad if a niqabi is short of a good akhlaak. Really really sad. Its a backfire to Islam. Subhanallaah.

Dignity/noble character will naturally be depicted in one's look, unfortunately one's noble look doesn't guarantee that.

Allahu musta'an.

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Feb 5, 2018 06:04

sister sumayyasalaf,

In real life if people and laymen do practice any kinda social or cultural norms. It is our (Muslims whom are aware) fault that we are not telling them about what is true and how to judge if something is being the part of Islam or if it is not and what are the usool and principles for it.

A niqaabi sister can have shortfalls maybe her akhlaaq are not as much good just like a non-niqaabi sister can have shortfalls, maybe she is too much indulged into non-mahram men, or listening to songs or keeping money in interest based accounts, or when she has to talk to men (for her sharai reasons) she look at their faces and then talk.. and that is not being seen as 'backfire' to Islam? subhanAllah.

A brother with long beard can have shortfalls just like a brother without beard has shortfalls.

If you want to give benefit of the doubt to a non-naqabi sister or a man whom inclined towards too much of dunya then why don't you want to give benefit of the doubts to the shortfalls of a long bearded brother or a sista with niqaab?

The principle is same, continuous level of islah with ikhlaas for all Muslims and da'wah for non-Muslims.

If we didn't teach that today to our ikhwan wa akhawaat then tomorrow for Muslim ummah is not bright. But if we did teach that then In sha Allah tomorrow religiously or non-religiously things are bright for Muslim ummah.

(sorry for making it lengthy)


Jun 28, 2018 18:37

we can keep on talking and find hard to reach a conclusion the unfortunate fact is we mix tradition and deen to form a relationship or marriage most of the muslim world that's the unfortunate norm, the healthy relationship is do according to sharia


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