What Is The Best Hijab?

What Is The Best Hijab?

Sulaiman Created Oct 5, 2015 05:05

Can any body tell me the limits of Hijab? face is Hijab or not?


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Oct 5, 2015 12:13

Thanks a lot brother. It means women should cover all her face without eyes?


Oct 5, 2015 18:55

Thanks a lot.

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Oct 6, 2015 07:17

I know a lot of Imams and also from a Hadith. A women must cover her whole body except her hand which is from the wrist and below. And her face with no hair, neck or ears showing. Covering the whole face is just preferable. May Allah show you the rite path. Ameen


Oct 13, 2015 07:47

jazak Allah khayran ............. islamisdeen


Oct 13, 2015 08:27

I ask AllAH to Guied Our Sisters to the Right Islamic Hijap. Ameen.


Oct 13, 2015 08:28



Oct 13, 2015 10:48

Yes M221178 brother! but men also need to act upon Islamic rules and should keep eyes down when they are facing a woman.


Oct 14, 2015 09:45

Ameen. thanx brother


Oct 26, 2015 10:41

yes I agree with you Sulaiman but also we don't forget there is some exceptions also agreed with Islamic rules such as in
1- the face viewing or face seeing for marriage for three times in presence of MEHREM "someone of women closed family as father, mother, sister , brother ,uncle, or unt " .
2- the important or necessary cases with male doctors or male ID Inspectors if that is no females to do the same jobs.


Sep 14, 2021 19:15

Yeah, I agree. Woman's aurah is the whole body except face and palms. So, hijab may not cover their face
Also, it should not be too thin to disclose their body shape
It should not be so attractive to attract attention. Including colour
Their voice is also aurah
However, at home, before their non-mahrim, like their husbands, they can be attractive as much as possible, no harm
Not only physically, online also. I think they should wear less when talking photos or posting videos. Its a challenge if they are recording their voices cause it might be shahwa to a man somewhere, and I think, you are accountable for that
Wallahu aalam. May Allah forgive us for doing things without knowledge


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