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Is it right that a man is uncompleted without wife?


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Sep 14, 2015 01:27

getting married will be completing half your deen which will lead you closer to jannah

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Sep 17, 2015 05:16

Salams brother. In my humble opinion, yes. Particularly the modern man, who has a unique dilemma in the form of a relentless bombardment of s*x and haram attacking him all day, everyday. FB, IG, women at work, women at the beach, women walking down the street and on and on and on. And they wear less and less and less each day. I truly believe there will come a day when public nudity will not only be legal in the U.S. , but encouraged as well. If I were just going by your profile photo I would say you are a modern man. Are there men who can walk down the street and never look up from the sidewalk, or smell the fragrance of a beautiful woman and be unaffected? Perhaps...but have you met one? So if you are attracted to women and unmarried, you are inherently incomplete. As am I at the moment. May Allah SWA guide us and protect us from zina. Ameen.

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Sep 18, 2015 16:58

Nobody wants to be lonely
Man needs wife
Woman needs husband


Sep 19, 2015 12:02

Thanks brothers. Both of you are right.


Sep 14, 2021 10:44

My brothers, my sisters, I advice you to get married if you have the means. You may not have feeling now or you give up the search...but mind, I read somewhere, a woman who become old, not so much, around 57 and she is then feeling lonely...Started being in dating sites but it seemed fruitless to her and she is then seeking for advice. If we are making decisions, lets critically analyze the pros and cons


Sep 14, 2021 14:54

Allah made desires for each other , by default we have desire . So if we will not do in Halal way then it would be difficult to live in control and it would be possible to get in haram relationship .


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