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The answer is:a big fat NO' we are not following the quran and sunnah of mohammad (pbuh) and his companions (both the males and females), regarding this whole marriage issue, in the case of who is qualify and ready for marriage, and if yes qualify how should they go about it and how long should it take them regarding time, firstly we should look at what make an islamic marriage successful and it goes right back to deen, indeed if islamic success is what you seek in your marriage; islamic values and practises from the quran and sunnah is the only things that can give us our islamic marriage success in this sure to end world and the eternal hereafter aameen, like prophet say: those who marry a person because the person is practising islam (true practise of course) will have they islamic success, (which an islamic marriage is meant to offer)but truth is some of us dont even know the core baseline obligatory and important reason why ALLAHswtaala gives us muslims marriage in the first place; well it is so we complete half our deen, every muslim echoes this "complete half our deen" and only few actually knows what it means, it means; the striving to achieve those only 3 things that lives on after any muslim die, become half more easier to strive for and achieve than when you was just one person sstriving for those 3things, plus u attain the privaledge of a extra person reward than your ownself base than your treatment to your husband or wife who wouldn't be there for u to treat in certain way which quran and sunnah dictate one should treat a marriage spuse, so you wouldnt recieve the reward from ALLAH for treatment of marriage spouse if u did not have a marriage spouse, plus marrying is obligatory in islam for every muslim women who reach the sound age of bodily furtile puberty and maturity along with bodily maturity in physique and qualifications of starting the growing process to betterment of looking after her house whole and also she has to have maturity of mind for sound reasoning and marriage is obligatory on every muslim man who has the means like our prophet (saw) say: whosoever has the means must get marry are fast, the means is simply the urge for s*x, knowledge of his religion to teach his wife the religion since she mite be busy with his kids most of time and has little or no time to go musjid to learn from a female or male sholar, husband must make sure his wife know islam and also the means involve' buying his wife food,clothing and shelter over him and her head within his affordabillity like ALLAH said in al quran, but the simpliest form of all material and temporal consumable things that end when this dunyah end is better for both muslim husband and wife, cause the prophet (saw) say: the simpliest wedding are the best ones and in another narration He (saw) say; simplicity too is a part of iman (faith), so now lets look at some obstacles that stopping us muslims or delaying us from getting marry and im talking obstacles according to quran and sunnah it should not be there as obstacles in the first place,: 1. Racism' yeah right u hear me, a muslim must not be racist, the prophet (saw) married different race and paired up different race together to get married, he(saw)also said: the racist person is like a fly who peddle in human waste (the S letter word) 2. Some brother are aswel picky but mostly sisters are too Picky for no reason why, but i think they listen to too much non muslim views on marriage and watch too much non muslim romeo and juliet kinda rubbish fairytales, so this western and non muslim approach to marriage and relationship has sink into our muslim sisters subconscious mind so they express from their subconscious mind the same fake garbage, butterfly feeling in the stomach about love and marriage, and what our sister miss is that first of all non muslim only follow their wimps and desires and wiswas from shaytaan, but muslim is 1 who should sumbit 100% to quran and sunnah, like ALLAH says: when you enter into islam enter whole heartedly, not just half or 3quarter, ALLAH also say; do not obey those who follow their wimps and desires plus islam is a complete way of life it explain everything we need to know and embark upon for success here and hereafter ( marriage in details) sister stop be too Picky if ALLAH has made you loving to children and furtile' childbearing wise then its not for no reason he gives you these blessings so make used of them before infurtillity struct you or something minimise your love for kids like these kaafir models and actresses, cause the prophet (saw) instructed us the muslim man that we should marry those woman who are loving to children and can bear children aswel, cause He (saw) said that i want my ummah to be the most on the day of judgment, plus the only three things that lives on after we muslims die, it will be our good deeds, saddaqah jaariyah and pious children to pray for parent, dont meant to scare you sisters, but most infurtillity cases start from mid thirty age group, 3rd reason or obstacles a muslim brother or sister wasting time studying a haraam course or simple a course that maybe not outright haraam but it adds no benefit whatsoever to ones scale of good deeds on the day of judgement, but still we put off studying quran and sunnah and attaining piety by the implementation of sunnah so we can be pious for ALLAH's sake only, and which is also a obligatory part of islamic implementation is getting marry, so we can raise our children pious aswel by ALLAH's help of course, all these gives us reward in hereafter but we leave these to study what wont benefit then we arrogantly think or act pretend like we're smart, remember the prophet (saw) says; whosoever does not marry are not my followers, so if you not following Prophet Mohammad (saw) then ALLAH will not love you and forgive your sins, cause ALLAH stated this condition for HIS love and forgiveness for you is depend on you following the prophet (saw) who also said; that one must race to marriage make marriage easy so that ziina become difficult to commit, he (saw) also said one is marry for 1 or 4 reasons, islamic piety, wealth, beauty and high status family background, but then he (saw) said those who marry because of islamic piety (meaning you and your spouse obey ALLAH and HIS messenger (saw) fully) and that you and your spouse believe and of hope and fear of ALLAH) will achieve that true islamic success of an islamic marriage, He (saw) also said dont marry women because of their beauty, it may possible that their beauty may destroy them and dont marry them because of their wealth cause it may possible that their wealth mite make them rebellious and he (saw) also said; if one slowing down on the day of judgement (meaning; in good deeds and towards going jennah) then your high status family lineage wont give you a push, sometimes the prophet (saw) get two people married within just literally couple minutes after the initial proposal of the same marriage, but now we delay very long and saying we need to get to know the person, so you spent over years skyping intermingling in ways that the sunnah doesnt dictate getting marriage to be done, and not knowing shaytaan is tricking u both, till he got u doing ziina, u go meal and movie together like you marry, but remember u say u have to get to know each other, remember this is a non muslim line, but still its ok for them to know each other body parts/ muslims wake up' we and non muslim are living two different way of life, read surah Al Kaafiroon if you think im telling a lie, our deen is complete and beautiful, if u prefer deen and jennah over dunyah then live deen in the direction towards ALLAH's pleasure which = jennah- ALLAH give us alfirdous aameeen//let us all fear ALLAH and go back to the quran and sunnah regarding our islamic marriage// barakalaahfeekum// assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wah barakaatuhu


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Apr 2, 2015 01:12

Mashallah. Your knowledge is vast.


Sep 14, 2021 17:49

Mashallah, very long article, but congrants brother, may Allah reward you abudantly for your time and may it benefit all of us, or at least, someone


Sep 14, 2021 17:50

@Deleted user, thanks for taking your time to read all of it. In deed, it true, according to me also, he has vast knowledge. I can't dispute anything


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