(Questions) Please share your knowledge with me

(Questions) Please share your knowledge with me

Riz Created Aug 4, 2022 18:13

Salam. I hope everything went well with you
I want to ask some questions before that I already ask my friends, but that's not enough for me. So please share with me if you have more knowledge about that

1. How someone fall in love with each other ? When I see my friends before they already married her husband, they get married without any relationship just know each other and get married, they said that love come suddenly after marriage? So how can someone fall in love with someone who are strangers to her.

2. How to know if our partners is serious about marriage? How to know that he's really a honest and kind person with good attitude and what he said is true ? As we all know, that we can't ask her friends or parents about his/her habit, behaviour, attitude, as for me I just believe that we are all muslim, and we talk truth and Allah know everything in our heart, is that enough to know someone or we can consider from other side ?

3. I see so many people thinks that cheating and frees*x is something ordinary not zina, and don't care about the consequence. I want to ask if love after marriage can fade and decrease, but I believe that if someone love each other because of Allah, their love Will get stronger, but so many cases about cheat or something make me quite doubt, because they are muslim, and they do zina with open eyes, so is Islam just for identity for them and not apply in their daily life ?

4. Tell me about how much important your partners appearance to you ? Truth to be told, many people said that they don't care about your appearance just your Deen, but when they see you, they'll give up, because you are not good looking, we can't deny that we like to see something good (beauty), and our partners appearance will continue to accompany us until we die, but how much important that appearance when we are going to decide to get married ?

Thank you for reading, and sorry to take your time. May Allah bless you and make everything easier for you


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Aug 5, 2022 03:57

I think you raised some important points. I think like minded people can make marriage successful. If each partner's view are opposite end they will have conflict. How each partner deals with conflict is going to be unique to their relationship they build in their relationship. If they have a high tolerance level for one another then that marriage bond maybe still be strong. I think if the mind is set that they only be married once in their lifetime then both parties make their best effort to stick to each other no matter how many arguements and trials in life they face. Perhaps that's what called/named "love" in the marriage. I think love happens over time not in an first instant of time when first see the person in front of you.

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Aug 5, 2022 15:49

1. When you marry a stranger, you get to know everything about them. Then you like the good stuff and work on the bad stuff. Love would be a by product of your dedication to make the marriage work.

2. You can never know for sure before marriage. But we all try our best, pray to Allah and do istikhara and hope for the best.

3. Haraam is haraam and there is absolutely no justification for haraam. I am sure that if both partners are dedicated to making the marriage work, and following the rules of marriage in Islam, then marriage wont fail.

4. I think both men and women should lower their standards when it comes to beauty. Focus on all other aspects and as long as you dont find someone ugly, that should be enough. Of course other factors would then have to be rated high.

Lastly : A lot of people nowadays are super concerned about love and falling in and out of love.

Love should be a secondary concern instead of the main and only concern.

You should rather be concerned about following the rules of Islam and to stay away from haraam to succeed in hereafter.


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