Let's fire some specific species

Let's fire some specific species

Faizzan Created Jul 31, 2022 00:44

Abu Bakr ❤
Umar bin khattab ❤
Usman ❤
Ali ibn talib ❤
Muaviya ❤
Abu sufiyan ❤

Raziallahu anhu 🥰🥰🥰🥰


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Abu Maryam.Salafi

Jul 31, 2022 01:26

Peace and mercy of Allah to the Prophet Muhammad, his family and his righteous companions,

Reza Fathi

Jul 31, 2022 06:26

monotheism, prophethood, resurrection, prayer, righteous deeds, serving God, the Qur'an and following the commands of the Qur'an, unity and friendship in the way of God, Mecca, prayer towards Mecca,

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Aug 2, 2022 14:01

رضي الله عنهم
(radiyallaahu anhum)


Aug 5, 2022 09:25

no fire yet?? hahaahahahaha


Aug 5, 2022 20:11

Brother you want fire means Debate
So you are insulting sahaba u want someone to say bad about the name u mentioned
Do not do this
Fear Allah and respect sahaba
Mischievous person is disliked by Allah


Aug 5, 2022 20:19

Faizan you are mischievous and you are insulting sahaba


Aug 5, 2022 20:20

Please delete this post or topic


Aug 5, 2022 20:23

Not Abu sufiyan
He found no choice
And he was not companion who sit in prophet company
He was arrogant but he embraced Islam with some deals
He was the cause of all four battle


Aug 6, 2022 11:52

I'm not insulting and can't insult

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Aug 8, 2022 15:39

The only fire Faizzan lit was the under his behind with his sheer ignorance to Islamic history about Abu Sufyan and Yazd bin Muawiyah. How can a Muslim and a lover of the Prophet’s companions love someone who massacred the Prophet’s grandson and family?! Talk about an idiot! 🤪


Aug 8, 2022 17:25

Our ameerul monmeneen muaviya raziallahu anhu. ❤


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