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The martyrdom of Imam Hussain, peace be upon him, along with 72 of his faithful companions in the way of reviving the religion of his noble ancestor, the Prophet, peace be upon him, may condolences to all Muslims.


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Reza Fathi

Aug 4, 2022 08:04

Nelson Mandela: Imam Hussain gave me the ability to stand for the right and freedom

Nelson Mandela, who today is remembered as the leader of the free people and the anti-apartheid movement (racial discrimination) and is one of the symbols of the defense of the rights of black people, says about the influence of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) on him:

I spent more than twenty years in prison, one night I decided to surrender myself with all the restrictions set by the government (and no longer seek freedom), but suddenly Imam Hossein (a.s.) came and I fell into the Karbala movement, and Imam Hossein this It gave me the power to stand up for right and freedom, and I did

Reza Fathi

Aug 7, 2022 04:32

Movement of Imam Hussain (AS) according to Mahatma Gandhi:
I have carefully read the life of Imam Hussain (a.s.), the great martyr of Islam, and I have paid enough attention to the pages of Karbala, and it is clear to me that if India wants to be a victorious country, you must follow the example of Imam Hussain (a.s.).

Reza Fathi

Aug 8, 2022 03:11

Loris Cheknavarian: I was a water fetcher

Loris Cheknavarian, conductor of Ashura night symphony:
As an Iranian, I grew up in this tradition, now even if I am an Armenian, it doesn't matter because Imam Hussein is for all of us and all Armenians are very devoted to him. I remember when I was a child, when I was in the mourning groups, I was the water bearer and the rest of the Armenians gave other offerings, and all of them had a special respect for Imam Hossein, even though their religion was different.
🔹 The fact that I was Saqqa is probably because of my interest in Hazrat Abbas. Ever since I was a child, I had this feeling about him that someone who fights for others and loses his hands, has a unique personality that can hold the hands of others for centuries without his hands.

Reza Fathi

Aug 8, 2022 05:21

Fifty years before the Ashura event, the Prophet of Islam spared the pagan Abu Sufyan and his family after defeating the Muslims, and the Prophet of Islam ordered that no one has the right to attack Abu Sufyan and his family. But after fifty years, worldliness caused the grandson of Abu Sufyan (Yazd bin Muawiyah), in the name of Islam, to order the massacre of the grandson of the Prophet (Hussein Ibn Ali, peace be upon him) and his companions, and they looted the family of Imam Hussain, peace be upon him, and they were enslaved. This is the end of the worldly religious.

Reza Fathi

Aug 11, 2022 07:22

لمّا عَبَّأَ عُمَرُبنُ سَعدٍ أصحابَهُ لِمُحارَبَتِهِ علیه السلام و أحاطُوا بهِ مِن کُلِّ جانِبٍ حتّى جَعَلُوهُ فی مِثلِ الحَلْقَةِ فَخَرَجَ علیه السلام حتّى أتى الناسَ فَاستَنصَتَهُم فَأبَوا أن یُنصِتُوا حتّى قالَ لَهُم ـ : وَیلَکُم! ما علَیکُم أن تُنصِتوا إلَیَّ فَتَسمَعوا قَولی؟! و إنّما أدعُوکُم إلى سَبیلِ الرَّشادِ ... و کُلُّکُم عاصٍ لِأمری غیرُ مُستَمِعٍ قَولی فقد مُلِئَت بُطونُکُم مِن الحَرامِ و طُبِعَ على قُلوبِکُم.

When Umar bin Saad prepared his troops to fight with them and they surrounded him from all sides, and the Imam (a.s.) came out to the enemy and called them to silence, but they did not shut up, he addressed them and said: Woe to you. ! What harm is it to you to listen to me and listen to my words that I call to the right path... all of you disobey me and do not listen to my words; Because your bellies are filled with forbidden things and your hearts are sealed. (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 45)


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