guilty singles

guilty singles

Reza Fathi Created Jul 22, 2022 21:45

All unmarried men are partners in the moral deviations of unmarried women, and their faith in Islam should be doubted.


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Seyed Farzad

Jul 22, 2022 23:28


Hilal ***Forums Only***

Jul 23, 2022 12:56


I'm a bit confused about your post.
Based on previous posts, I am aware that you use a program to translate to English.

Could you please try to clarify what you are saying?

Reza Fathi

Jul 23, 2022 13:29

When men do not marry, and run away from the responsibility of marriage, this causes many girls to remain single. Now, if girls remain unmarried causes moral deviance of girls, men who are not married are complicit in this sin of single girls. .

Hilal ***Forums Only***

Jul 23, 2022 13:38

Thank you for the clarification.

May Allah help help us and make things easy. May He also bless everyone with their forever mates,
Ameen ya Rabb.


Jul 23, 2022 13:44

Reza somehow you are right
Nikah is very simple
But we have many uncertainties
Something unrealistic way of approach
We don't want to break our social status and our uncertain demands
I read many profiles i send greetings to many women's of my age groups but no response yet
But my family is searching for me under 30 which I think is not good
Today generation is Android phone generation
Our age group is lucky that we was unaware of this new technology and get social life practical experiences

Reza Fathi

Jul 23, 2022 14:45

Most of us intend to enter an ideal and dream life by getting married. While the purpose of marriage is to fulfill a divine duty, not to reach ideals. We have a special task in every situation. After marriage, each of the parties to the marriage has duties that they must fulfill. Not getting married because we are afraid of fulfilling our duties towards our spouse is a kind of escape and irresponsibility towards God's order. The world is a place of passage and divine trials, and the worthy servants are those who come out of divine trials proud. As in Jihad in the way of God, there are all kinds of risk of injury or death. Marriage is also a divine test, and many difficulties may arise in the joint life.


Jul 23, 2022 15:25

Actually some people says marriage is Sunnah fulfil it while they don't follow Sunnah when getting marriage Actually what i understand is its your choices to marry or not in times of greater trials and tribulation when difficult to remains on straight path how can we teach our children's
This is time to save your Eman not chastity
We don't know for what agenda we are working we can't save our self from usury we difficult to keep our taqwa high


Jul 28, 2022 15:17

That’s flawed logic. If a single girl commits a sin, that’s on her. It has nothing to do with a man being single.

The real problem is that everyone is picky. Everyone wants perfection. That’s why so many Muslims are still single.

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Jul 28, 2022 19:09

They’re are various reasons why men find it hard to find a marriage partner, just like for women.

Reza Fathi

Jul 29, 2022 21:07

We Iranians have a proverb that we say, God created man, and man also created justification. Satan also justified his disobedience in not prostrating to humans.

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Deleted User

Aug 6, 2022 00:45

lol...see how many women are being abused by mircrowaved brain damaged men on their cell phones. Please widen your view b4 commenting. Read more on how science and tech is being weaponized.

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Deleted User

Aug 6, 2022 00:59

Men nowdays are looking for wealthy women to scam. To use. Dont encourage people to close their eyes and marry. Sometimes some people are destined to be single. We live in the end times where the "trust is gone"

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Deleted User

Aug 6, 2022 01:01

No one is going to marry you Reza. So forget your hope of scamming a victim for their visa on helalhal

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Deleted User

Aug 6, 2022 01:29

marriage is optional. not required.
in todays time full of turmoil, you are just simply clueless.

ur wife is tired of changing your diapers and feeding u gorme sabzi while you are looking for your lotto on helahel with your face looking like sag.

don't u dare to make up stories about islam, trying to manipulate mind controlled victims. Im in Iran I have your picture. I will find you!!!!!!

Reza Fathi

Aug 6, 2022 11:18

Im in Iran I have your picture. I will find you!!!!!!👍😂😂😂👍


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