The history of Islam, events and the life of the companions after the death of the Prophet,(S.A.S)

The history of Islam, events and the life of the companions after the death of the Prophet,(S.A.S)

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1.Who was to become the Caliph after the Messenger of Allah ﷺ

Ahlu-s-Sunnah are unanimous that Abu Bakr was to become the caliph after the Messenger of Allah. And only the Shiites said that ‘Ali had more rights to become Caliph than Abu Bakr, ‘Umar and ‘Uthman, and that he was the one who should have become Caliph after the Messenger of Allah.'
They cite some evidence from the Qur'an and Sunnah, including hadiths cited by al-Bukhari and Muslim, as well as the authors of other collections of hadith.
Below we will present these proofs and explain whether they really point to what the Shiites are talking about.
We can also say that ‘Ali does not need hymns of praise, because he was the cousin and son-in-law of the Messenger of Allah, who gave him the best of his daughters - Fatyma, the lady of the women of Paradise. ‘Ali is the fourth righteous Caliph, and he has many virtues. There is no need to list these advantages.
The question is different: do these virtues indicate that ‘Ali was to become the first Caliph after the death of the Messenger of Allah?
We can divide the evidence of those who believe that it was ‘Ali who should have become the first caliph into two categories: transferable (textual) and logical (mental).


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Assalamu Aleykum akhi , mash Allah )) a wonderful theme

Abu Maryam.Salafi

Jul 22, 2022 04:55

Aleykum Assalam ahi )) Alhamdulillah,

Abu Maryam.Salafi

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Well, let's go??)) Bismillah

Hadith about the cloak (al-Kisa)

‘Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said: "One morning, when the Messenger of Allah, who was wearing a striped (or: "... decorated with patterns in the form of camel saddles") cloak of black wool, came out of the house, al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali approached him, and the Messenger of Allah I covered him with my cloak. Then al-Husayn came up, and the Messenger of Allah hid him too. Then Fatyma came up, and the Messenger of Allah covered her with a cloak. Then Ali came up, and the Messenger of Allah also covered him with a cloak, after which he said:
"Allah only wants to remove the filth from you, O members of the Prophet's family, and purify you completely."
Surah 33 "Allies", ayat 33. "Sahih" Muslim (No. 2424).

It is important to note that this hadith conveys ‘Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), about which the Shiites say so much bad, and Imam Muslim cites it in his "Sahih", so that their accusation of Sunni scholars in the fact that they hide such "evidence" is unfounded.

Those who believe that ‘Ali should have become Caliph after the death of the Messenger of Allah, claim that Allah Almighty wished to cleanse the members of the prophet's family from filth. And if Allah wants to do something, He does it. And if they are cleansed of filth, then they have become infallible. And if they are infallible, then they have more rights to be rulers of Muslims than anyone else.

However, this statement is incorrect for many reasons:

1. This verse, called the verse of purification, was revealed about the wives of the Messenger of Allah, as Allah Almighty said:
"O wives of the Prophet! You are not like any other woman. If you are God-fearing, then do not show tenderness in your speeches, so that the one whose heart is affected by the disease does not desire you, but speak in a dignified way. Stay in your homes, don't dress up like you did in the days of the first ignorance, do prayer, give zakat and obey Allah and His Messenger.
O inhabitants of the house! Allah only wants to rid you of filth and purify you completely.
And remember what is recited in your homes from the verses of Allah and wisdom.
Indeed, Allah is the Discerning (or Kind), the Knower."
Surah 33 "Allies", verses 32-34

If you look at the context of the verses, it becomes obvious that they are dedicated specifically to the wives of the Messenger of Allah.
Some argue that, since the pronoun "qom" is used, meaning the plural collectively, and not "kunna", meaning the plural only of the feminine gender, then the purification affected only ‘Ali, Fatyma, al-Hasan and al-Husayn, as follows from the hadith, but did not affect the wives of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ.
This statement does not correspond to the truth, since both before this verse and after it there are other verses related to it in meaning, in particular:
"Stay in your homes, don't dress up the way they dressed up in the days of the first ignorance"
Sura 33 "Allies", verse 33

"And remember what is recited in your homes from the verses of Allah and wisdom"
Surah 33 "Allies", verse 34
Thus, both the previous and subsequent verses contain an appeal to women, that is, to the wives of the Messenger of Allah, as evidenced by the pronoun indicating the plural of the feminine.

2. The verse uses the collective plural pronoun instead of the feminine plural pronoun, because it means not only the wives of the Messenger of Allah, but also the Messenger of Allah himself as the head of the family.
As Allah Almighty said about Ibrahim's wife:
"They said, 'Do you wonder at the command of Allah? May the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you, O inhabitants of the house! Truly, He is Worthy of praise, Glorious""
Sura 11 "Hood", verse 73
But only Ibrahim and his wife are meant.

Allah Almighty also said:
"When Musa (Moses) he worked out the deadline and set off with his family, he saw a fire from the side of the mountain and told his family:
"Stay here! I saw the fire. Perhaps I will bring you news from there or a burning brand so that you can warm up""
Sura 28 "Story", verse 29
And at that time, only his wife was with him.

The wife of the nobleman, in whose house Yusuf (peace be upon him) lived, said: "How can you punish someone who wanted to harm your family?". At the same time, she meant herself.

Thus, Allah Almighty said: "Allah only wants to remove the filth from you, O members of the family of the Prophet, and purify you completely," because not only the wives of the Messenger of Allah are meant, but also the Messenger of Allah himself, and not at all because the verse refers to ‘Ali, Fatymah al-Hassan and al-Husayn.
The fact that ‘Ali, Fatymah, al-Hasan and al-Husayn are members of the family of the Prophet (Ahlul-bayt) proves the hadith, not the ayat.
After all, the hadith says that the Messenger of Allah covered them with his cloak and read the verse: "Allah only wants to remove the filth from you, O members of the Prophet's family, and purify you completely

3. Ahlul-bayt, that is, the family members of the Messenger of Allah are not only his wives, and not only ‘Ali, Fatyma, al-Hassan and al-Husayn.
Let us recall the hadith of Zeid ibn Arkam. Husayn asked: "And who is one of his family members, O Zeid? Aren't they his wives? Who is one of his family members?".
Zeid said, "Yes, his wives are members of his family, but in general, they include everyone for whom Zakat is forbidden after his death."
Hussein asked: "Who is it?".
Zeid said: "These are members of the Ali family, members of the Akyl family, members of the Ja'far family and members of the Abbas family." This hadith is quoted by Muslim in "Sahih", (2408/36).

If we put together the ayat, the hadith about the cloak and the hadith of Zeid, it turns out that the family members of the prophet are his wives; ‘Ali, Fatyma, al-Hassan and al-Husayn; family members of ‘Ali, family members of 'Akyl, family members of Ja'fara and family members of ‘Abbas. In other words, all Hashemites are members of the prophet's family, because Zakat is forbidden for each of them.

The proof is the hadith of Abdul-Muttalib.
'Abdu'l-Muttalib ibn Rabi'a ibn al-Haris said: "One day Rabi'a ibn al-Haris met with al-‘Abbas ibn ‘Abdu'l-Muttalib, and they began to say: "By Allah, it would be good if we sent these young men (and it was about me and al-Fadl ibn ‘Abbas) to the Messenger of Allah, and he would talk to them and appoint them as collectors of this zakat, and they would do this work that other people do, and get what other people get for it." Meanwhile, Ali ibn Abu Talib came up to them and stopped near them. They told him about it, but he said: "Don't do it, because, by Allah, he won't do it!".
Then Rabi'a ibn al-Haris approached him and said: "By Allah, you are doing this only out of envy of us, and we, by Allah, did not envy you when you were related to the Messenger of Allah!".
‘Ali said: "Then send them to him," and we left, and ‘Ali lay down. When the Messenger of Allah performed the midday prayer, we were the first to approach his room (meaning the room of one of the wives of the Messenger of Allah) and stood near it until he came. Coming up to her, he took us by the ears and said, "Well, what do you want to say?", after which he went inside, and we went in with him, and that day he spent with Zainab bint Jahsh (Zainab bint Jahsh is the wife of the Messenger of Allah).
At first, each of us hoped that the other would speak, and then one of us said: "O Messenger of Allah, you are the most pious of people, and you treat your relatives the best. It's time for us to get married, and we have come to you to appoint us as collectors of some part of zakat. We will do it for you, as other people do, and we will get for it what they get."
After that, the Messenger of Allah was silent for so long that we already wanted to talk to him ourselves, but Zeinab began to give us signs from behind the curtain, wanting to say that this should not be done.
Then the Messenger of Allah said: "Indeed, the members of Muhammad's family should not touch what is collected as zakat, for Zakat is nothing but the dirt of people!"". This hadith is quoted by Muslim in Sahih, No. 1072.
It is implied here that the payment of zakat is for people a means of cleansing from sins.
The Quran says:
"Take alms from their possessions, with which you will cleanse and whitewash them."
Surah 9 "Repentance", verse 103
In this verse, alms (sadaqah) means obligatory zakat.

4. The verse does not say that Allah Almighty has cleansed the members of the Prophet's family from all filth and that they are completely cleansed. By desire is meant what is called "irada shar'iya".
That is, Allah basically wants them to be clean from all filth.
Moreover, the Messenger of Allah, covering them with a cloak, turned to the Almighty with a plea for them, asking Him to cleanse them from all filth. This hadith is cited by at-Tirmizi in Sunan, No. 3787.
And if Allah Almighty had already cleansed them, then why does the Messenger of Allah turn to Him with such a plea?! Moreover, according to the Shiites, all twelve imams and Fatymah (may Allah be pleased with her) were born already purified.

Another example can be given. Allah Almighty wants all people to be believers. This is "irada shar'iya". However, despite this, He allows non-believers to exist and does not force them to believe. Another kind of the will of the Almighty is "irada kauniyya". This is what Allah desires and what He fulfills, that is, puts into practice.

That is, this prayer of the Messenger of Allah is proof that it is "irada shar'iya".
This is like the Words of the Almighty:
"Allah wants to give you explanations, lead you in the ways of your predecessors and accept your repentance, because Allah is Knowledgeable, Wise. Allah wants to accept your repentance, and those who indulge their passions want you to deviate greatly to the side."
Surah 4 "Women", verses 26-27
All the mentioned desires belong to the category of "irada shar'iya".
The Almighty wants to grant forgiveness to everyone. But did He forgive all people, both believers and non-believers? No.
Allah Almighty said:
"He is the One who created you. There are unbelievers among you, and there are believers among you. Allah sees that you are committing"
Surah 64 "Mutual deprivation", ayat 2

5. Allah Almighty wants to cleanse not only the family members of the Messenger of Allah, but also the believers in general from all filth.Therefore, the Messenger of Allah ordered believers to choose clean places for prayer and avoid places where there is filth.
Allah Almighty said:
"And clean your clothes"
Sura 74 "Wrapped up", verse 4
Allah Almighty has commanded the believers to perform a small ablution after the usual defilement and a full ablution after sexual defilement.

6. Allah Almighty cleansed not only ‘Ali, Fatyma, al-Hasan and al-Husayn.
Allah Almighty said:
"Take donations from their possessions to purify and exalt them with them.
Pray for them, for your prayers are a comfort to them. Indeed, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower."
Surah 9 "Repentance", verse 103
The Almighty also said:
"O you who believe! When you get up for prayer, wash your faces and your hands up to the elbows, wipe your heads and wash your feet up to the ankles. And if you are in sexual defilement, then be cleansed. If you are sick or on a journey, if any of you have come from the bathroom, or if you have had intimacy with women and you have not found water, then go to clean land and wipe your faces and hands with it. Allah does not want to create difficulties for you, but wants to purify you and bring His mercy towards you to the end - perhaps you will be grateful."
Surah 5 "Meal", verse 6
The Almighty also said:
"So He sent a nap on you so that you would feel safe, and sent down water from heaven to purify you with it and remove the filth of Shaitan from you, to make your hearts steadfast and thereby strengthen your feet"
Sura 8 "Trophies", verse 11
If we think the way the supporters of the opinion we are discussing argue, then all three hundred-plus people referred to in the verse are infallible, because they are also "purified

7. Purification in itself does not indicate that a person should become a caliph. We are sure that Allah Almighty cleansed ‘Ali from all filth, as a result of which he became a "mawlah" for believers, and likewise al-Hasan, al-Husayn, Fatymah and the wives of the Messenger of Allah, and therefore He called them the mothers of believers.:
"The Prophet is closer to the believers than they are, and his wives are their mothers. According to the order of Allah, blood relatives are closer to each other than believers and muhajirs, unless you do good to your friends.
So it was written in the Scripture (the Preserved Tablet)"
Sura 33 "Allies", verse 6
The companions of the Messenger of Allah were also purified by Allah Almighty, and they became the protectors (wali) of believers. But the most important thing, as we have already said, is that infallibility is not a reason to consider a person a ruler. For a detailed answer to this doubt, see "Mukhtasar at-tuhfa al-isna ashriyah", p. 149.

Allah Almighty said:
"To anyone who will argue with you about him after what has come to you from knowledge, say: "Let's call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves, and then we will pray and invoke the curse of Allah on liars!""
Sura 3 "The family of Imran", verse 61
This verse indicates the dignity and position of the family members of the Messenger of Allah, but it has nothing to do with the issue of governance.

Reza Fathi

Jul 22, 2022 08:59

«وما محمد الا رسول قد خلت من قبله الرسل افاین مات او قتل انقلبتم علی اعقـبکم...؛[

The rumor that the Prophet was killed in the Battle of Uhud:
1] Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, was only the messenger of God, and there were other messengers before him. If he dies or is killed, will you go back? (And with his death, you will abandon Islam and return to the era of disbelief and idolatry)..."
It is stated in Majma al-Bayan: The reason for the revelation of the above verse was that they spread rumors that the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, was killed.[2]

Why do Shiites and Sunnis argue with each other so much about the subject, personality and position of persons, and secondary issues. While Shia and Sunni agree on principles? Monotheism, prophethood, resurrection are the common principles of Shia and Sunni and the condition of being a Muslim. On the other hand, both of them consider the Qur'an as their religious book and pray five common prayers in the direction of the Kaaba. But the extremists of both sides allow killing each other for giving priority to the secondary.

Abu Maryam.Salafi

Jul 22, 2022 09:09

what is this information for ?? speak on the topic, Shiites have nothing to do with Islam since they do not recognize the authenticity of the Koran, and consider the companions of the Prophet peace be upon them, who collected the Koran into one, to be infidels,

Reza Fathi

Jul 22, 2022 11:04

English Shiites consider the Companions to be infidels, believing in monotheism, prophethood and resurrection, and following the Quran in the forbidden and the halal, is a sign of being a Muslim and an infidel. The approval or rejection of the Companions has nothing to do with Muslim principles and is part of the secondary issues.

Abu Maryam.Salafi

Jul 22, 2022 12:03

What other English Shiites??)) What is this new breed??

"The approval or rejection of the Companions has nothing to do with Muslim principles and is part of the secondary issues."

The superiority of the companions and their virtues are confirmed by the verses of the Quran and the hadith of the Prophet. The Qur'an reports that Allah Almighty is "pleased with the first of the Muhajirs and Ansars, who were ahead of the rest, and those who followed strictly after them. They are also pleased with Allah" (Sura 9 "Repentance", verse 100)." In the 73rd and 74th verses of Sura 8 "Trophies" it is emphasized that muhajirs and Ansars love each other and are true believers.

The companions who swore allegiance to the Prophet in Hudaybiyah were awarded generous praise in the Quran: "Allah was pleased with the believers when they swore to you under the tree" (Sura 48 "Victory", verse 18)." According to Jabir bin Abdullah, 1,400 Muslims took the oath that day.

Generosity, responsiveness, righteousness, kindness, forbearance, self-sacrifice, piety and other excellent qualities of the companions are described in the 8th and 9th verses of Sura 59 "Gathering" and in the 29th verse of Sura 48 "Victory". In the 143rd verse of Sura 2 "The Cow", the moderation of the companions is emphasized, which was expressed in the commitment to justice and the rejection of excess in matters of religion.

The spiritual wealth of the companions, their willingness to fight for freedom and justice, as well as their merits in spreading Islam were reflected in many of the Prophet's statements. One of the hadiths says: "The best among my followers is the generation to which I was sent, and then those who will come after them."

The Prophet called his companions the guardians of his community: "The stars are the guardians of the sky, and when the stars disappear, what was promised will happen to the sky. I am the guardian of my companions, and when I leave, what was promised will happen to them. My companions are the guardians of my community, and when they leave, what was promised will happen to it."

----It was the companions who gathered the Koran into a single whole if the Shiites consider the companions to be infidels, they automatically deny the Koran, which is what the Shiite scholars say who are sure of the distortion of the Koran,
Now tell me who are you Reza and what is your book ??

Reza Fathi

Jul 22, 2022 12:24

I am nobody I only know that God sees Islam as independent of individuals, as in the rumor of the Prophet's martyrdom in the Battle of Badr, and God said that if the Prophet was killed, God's religion would not be destroyed. This verse clearly says that the Prophet and God's messengers are all means of conveying the religion, and they are branches, it is the principle of Islam, and the Qur'an and God's commandments in doing what is forbidden and what is lawful. But ISIS and British Shi'a thoughts by beating the drum of divisiveness, try to give priority to the branches over the principles of Islam. Because ISIS and British Shia are both made by the hands of England, Israel and America to create division between Muslims. Because there is no difference of opinion between the real Shiite thoughts of Ali (peace be upon him) and the Sunni brothers.

Abu Maryam.Salafi

Jul 22, 2022 13:18

What are you talking about? Which Britain? What is ISIS??. it started long before that, the Shiites are a sect of fire worshippers who pose as Muslims, the founder of this sect is the Jew Abdallah ibn Saba, he and his followers, they called Ali Allah and worshipped him, for which Ali personally cut off their heads and burned them in the fire,

Now tell me, what is the name of your holy book??

How can one believe in the Koran, which has been compiled into one book by the infidels?

The fact that the Quran was collected into a single book by the companions, and the fact that the Shiites consider them infidels, shows the true face of the Shiites' claims to believe in our Quran.

You can deduce such a rule. There is no Islam without the Koran, there is no faith in the Koran without faith in the companions. The belief that the companions left Islam after the death of the prophet automatically casts doubt on the truth of the Koran, or rather, such a belief is a veiled attack on the Koran. This is elementary logic. Is it possible to accept the basis of Islam, most of its laws, its holy Book, if we say that this book was brought to us by infidels?

There is no moral right for Shiites to bring arguments from the Koran, and rely on the Koran, as long as they accuse the companions of disbelief.

It is also worth noting that Shiite traditions question the authenticity of the scroll that the companions collected.

As reported by the Shiite scholar Kulaini, Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Bakir said: "Without a doubt, the liar will be the one who claims that he collected the Quran according to how Allah sent it down. No one except Ali ibn Abu Talib and the imams after him collected and preserved the Quran since Allah sent it down"

"Usuli kafi" 1/376/No. 603.

And now the opinions, opinions and only the opinions of Shiite scholars.

Fayz Kashani in his interpretation of the Quran, which is known by the name tafsir "As Safi" wrote: "I say: "It is very clear from all these traditions and quotations that came from the family of the prophet (sallalahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sallam) that the Quran is not the same one that was revealed to the Prophet (sallalahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sallam). The fact that there are verses contradicting what was revealed, distorted verses, and places where the names of Ali and the family of the prophet were crossed out (sallalahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sallam), the reason (for this) was the names of some mushriks. Moreover, today's decrees of the Koran do not fit in with the previous commands of Allah and His Messenger. The same opinion is held by Ali ibn Ibrahim"

Tafsir "As Safi" volume 1, page 49

2) "As for (the point of view) of our scholars (may Allah be pleased with them) on this matter, it is obvious that sigatul Islam Muhammad ibn Ya'qub Al-Kulayni believed in the distortion and loss of the verses of the Quran, because he transmitted hadiths about it in his book Al-Kafi without criticism, in addition In addition, he noted at the beginning of his book that he believes in what he transmits and also (it is accepted) by his teacher Ali ibn Ibrahim Al Gummi, because his tafsir is full of similar (evidence of a distortion of the Quran) and he was strongly (confident) in this matter. Also Sheikh Ahmad ibn Abu Talib Al-Tabrasi, who exactly followed these two (in this matter) in the book "Al Ihtijaj"

Tafsir "As Safi" volume 1, page 52.

In the preface to the interpretation of one of the earliest Shiite commentators of the Quran, Ali ibn Ibrahim al-Gummi, we read: "As for what is contrary to what Allah has revealed in the (Quran), it is: "You are the best of the communities that appeared for the benefit of humanity, commanding to do what is approved, keeping from reprehensible and believing In Allah," Abu Abdullah said (to the one who read) this verse, "You are the best of the communities" –they killed Amirulmuminin, Hassan, Hussein ibn Ali. He was told, "How was this revealed, O son of the Messenger of Allah?". He (Imam) said: "You are the best of the imams" didn't you see how Allah praised them in the verse: "You call for /maruf/and forbid /munkar/ and believe in Allah." "They say: "Our Lord! Grant us the joy of the eyes in our spouses and descendants and make us a model (literally imams) for the God-fearing. And they asked Allah to become imams for the God-fearing. How is this (understood) O son of the Messenger of Allah? Imam Abu Abdullah) said: "Verily it was revealed thus: "They say: "Our Lord! Grant us the joy of the eyes in our spouses and descendants and make imams for us from the God-fearing"

"Tafsir Al Gummi" volume 1, page 10.

Reza Fathi

Jul 22, 2022 17:33

These arguments of yours have no merit, because the Qur'an that we Shiites read and follow is the same Qur'an that the Sunni brothers use. There is always an English Ammar and an Abu...... on the site who try to present cheap and baseless hadiths as the principles of Shia and Sunni religion in order to create a basis for bloodshed by creating differences between Muslims. Prepare for the western world, England, Israel and America to dominate the resources of Muslims.

Reza Fathi

Jul 22, 2022 17:39

Iran's Shiites, following the fatwas of Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei, can pray behind the Sunni scholars. If we Shiites consider the Companions to be infidels, can we pray our obligatory prayer behind the followers of the Companions?

Reza Fathi

Jul 22, 2022 17:42

Due to the fact that the general public does not know the beliefs of the true Shiites, you are trying to create differences between Muslims and start wars and bloodshed in order to serve the Zionists.

Abu Maryam.Salafi

Jul 22, 2022 18:05

Shiism has nothing to do with Islam,

I repeat to you that you either do not know what Shiism is, or you want to expose Shiites in the light of Islam,

Crimes against the Ahl-Sunnah in Iran after the Khomeini Revolution

1. Seyid Bahman Al-Shakur, arrested several times and imprisoned with a ban on teaching for ten years back in the time of the Shah; two years after the revolution, he was killed in one of the Iranian prisons for political prisoners. His crime was that he warned against excessive veneration of Shiite shrines and mausoleums.

2. Ahmad-Mufti Zada – was imprisoned for ten years, after which he did not renounce his beliefs, for which he was imprisoned indefinitely. And only after chronic illnesses exhausted his body, he was allowed to go home in order to die outside the cell.

3. Ali Al-Muzzafariani is a scientist, professor, surgeon, who was a Shiite, but set foot on a straight path. Killed a few years after the revolution.

4. Abdul-Haqq is a graduate of Abu Bakr University of Pakistan. Executed on charges of "Wahhabism".

5. Nasir Al-Subhani is a Mujtahid scholar, also accused of "Wahhabism". He was executed by hanging; before the execution, he kissed his noose and said: "I see what you can't see."

6. Abdul-Wahhab Al-Siddiqi.

7. Abdul-Bais Al-Kidali.

8. Ahmad Murid As-Sayyad, a scholar of Ahl–Sunnah according to hadith, the only one in Iran at that time, was sentenced to 15 years in prison, and later killed.

9. Haidar Ali, who taught in Qom, and explained the postulates of the Imamites and their falsity. Immediately after the revolution, one of the terrorists stabbed the sheikh in the throat in his own house; but the blow did not affect the jugular vein, and the sheikh lived, and later wrote several books against the beliefs of Shiites.

In 1414 AH, the Shiites destroyed a Sunni mosque in the Iranian city of Mashhad. On the 19th of Sha'ban, on the holiday of Khomeini's return to Iran, the Sunni mosque "Faid" was surrounded by special services and destroyed by excavators along with all the utensils and those who could not or did not want to leave there


Abu Maryam.Salafi

Jul 22, 2022 18:07

and I am not talking about the betrayals of Shiites and crimes against the Islamic Ummah in the history of Islam, there is not enough space on this site for this material, but if you are interested, I can talk about this topic ,

Reza Fathi

Jul 22, 2022 18:47

Millions of Sunni brothers live in Iran, and key positions such as the Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Navy are Sunni brothers, Shia and Sunni boys and girls marry each other in Iran. The great Sunni scholars and muftis hold their ceremonies and Friday prayers, they fight the enemies of Iran side by side in the Shiite and Sunni war fronts, Iran has given a lot of aid to the people of Gaza, who are all Sunni brothers, and Iran has a relationship with the Taliban. established, Iranian pilgrims, the house of God, pray in Mecca behind Sunni scholars. Iran has established the Shia-Sunni International Association. In Iran, disrespecting Ayesha and her companions is considered a crime.


Jul 22, 2022 20:34

…There are Iranian Sunni’s.. I’m coming to Iran to get married! 😁

Sorry, The topic is enlightening.


Jul 22, 2022 20:47

Seems to me, all the lies been put here at once. Did this moron knows what aisha did against Muslims? She was directly respectable of killing at least 30,000 Muslims in the Battle of Camel against her Imam /Khalifah Ali ibn abi Talib.

Did this moron know that umar was a gay? Shall I talk about other "sahaba" that killed other sahaba and what funny is the killer sahabi and the killed sahabi both goes to Jannah, what a joke sect is that, making their god looks like a fool.

So Khalid ibn al- walid killed Malik bin Nuwayra, the Prophet's representative to collect Sadaqat. And if this was not enough he beheaded others from his tribe and then finished that with enslaving his wife and made intercourse with her in the same day. All of that abo bakr did nothing to him? And of course they all will go straight to Paradise! What a joke sect is that. 😁

I am adding aisha hadith with some companions sleeping in her place and having a good semen flying in aisha's ceiling, a good start to shake your mind, in case you never heard of that.

Hadith nr 1.
Chapter: The ruling on semen

Abdullah b. Shihab al-Khaulani reported:

I stayed in the house of 'A'isha and had a wet dream (and perceived its effect on my garment), so (in the morning) I dipped both (the clothes) in water. This (act of mine) was watched by a maid-servant of A'isha and she informed her. She (Hadrat A'isha) sent me a message: Whatprompted you to act like this with your clothes? He (the narrator) said: I told that I saw in a dream what a sleeper sees. She said: Did you find (any mark of the fluid) on your clothes? I said: No. She said: Had you found anything you should have washed it. Incase I found that (semen) on the garment of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) dried up, I scraped it off with my nails.

Reference : Sahih Muslim 290
In-book reference : Book 2, Hadith 140


باب حكْمِ الْمَنِيِّ

وَحَدَّثَنَا أَحْمَدُ بْنُ جَوَّاسٍ الْحَنَفِيُّ أَبُو عَاصِمٍ، حَدَّثَنَا أَبُو الأَحْوَصِ، عَنْ شَبِيبِ بْنِ غَرْقَدَةَ، عَنْ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ بْنِ شِهَابٍ الْخَوْلاَنِيِّ، قَالَ كُنْتُ نَازِلاً عَلَى عَائِشَةَ فَاحْتَلَمْتُ فِي ثَوْبَىَّ فَغَمَسْتُهُمَا فِي الْمَاءِ فَرَأَتْنِي جَارِيَةٌ لِعَائِشَةَ فَأَخْبَرَتْهَا فَبَعَثَتْ إِلَىَّ عَائِشَةُ فَقَالَتْ مَا حَمَلَكَ عَلَى مَا صَنَعْتَ بِثَوْبَيْكَ قَالَ قُلْتُ رَأَيْتُ مَا يَرَى النَّائِمُ فِي مَنَامِهِ ‏.‏ قَالَتْ هَلْ رَأَيْتَ فِيهِمَا شَيْئًا ‏.‏ قُلْتُ لاَ ‏.‏ قَالَتْ فَلَوْ رَأَيْتَ شَيْئًا غَسَلْتَهُ لَقَدْ رَأَيْتُنِي وَإِنِّي لأَحُكُّهُ مِنْ ثَوْبِ رَسُولِ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم يَابِسًا بِظُفُرِي ‏.

As you can see that mister, I mean that "companion" Abdullah b. Shihab al-Khaulani had a good night in aisha place, seems he needed some teaching, so he must sleep in aisha place. But the teaching got too hot, you know, a woman with a man in one place, in a dark night, what will goes wrong, of course nothing, just an innocent wet dream. So he had a full semen flying all over aisha place. Anyway, to the last moment aisha did give him more lessons to learn, so she advised him when he have a full semen in his Boxer short, he can let it dry and use his nails to scraped the semen instead of washing it.

Letting the semen dry and scraped it is much better than washing it, cos water is expansive in some place especially in the Arabian peninsula. With this aisha give him her last teaching that semen is not unclean/ Najees. What a sect is that, sees semen as clean thing! 🤮

So the teaching of aisha will continue with those sahabis/companions, that they know nothing about Muhammad's teaching for 23 years so they kept visiting aisha. I will add aisha hadith about how she preformed Gusul al Janaba for Adult men.I am happy for you cos you follow aisha, the mother of sunnis/salafis/wahhabis/Khamenei followers.

Take 🍺 Beer, off course the "Halal" Beer from Saudi Arabia, made in Holland. 😂

Reza Fathi

Jul 22, 2022 21:33

Be sure to come to Iran, of course, with your sister.😂😂😂

Reza Fathi

Jul 22, 2022 21:38

I already said that there is always an English Ammar and Abu... English to create division in discussions, of course it is not strange, because the owner of the site is England, and their design and policy is to create division between Muslims.

Reza Fathi

Jul 22, 2022 21:39

I won't get into the discussion anymore because again Ammar and Abu will continue their pre-planned discussions.😂😂😂😂

Uncle Sam

Jul 23, 2022 05:52

Reza ,Iranian Sunnis??? , 😂 Yes in the Shiite army ??? Yes, the Sunnis are part of the Iranian terrorist gang Hezbollah 🥴 Yes, I knew that the Shiites are liars, but only you could descend to such an extent 😂😂😂

Abu Maryam.Salafi

Jul 23, 2022 06:05

@reza. " I won't get into the discussion ". of course you won't be able to continue, you have nothing to say except unfounded accusations)) speak with facts from history and modernity and don't tell fairy tales here

Abu Maryam.Salafi

Jul 23, 2022 06:54

@ nefer stop dreaming,,

Sister be careful in Iran, these polytheists practice temporary marriage for a fee, our non-Muslim relatives often travel to Iran in connection with work, they tell interesting things, so there is a certain password between Iranians that lets you know that a man or woman is ready for a temporary marriage, they say - my soul wants to enjoy, " semantic translation " and if a potential partner also answers, then it becomes clear that they are ready for adultery, that is, a temporary marriage, even on the road they drive a car and if they see a car full of women driving on the road, men drive up and shout right on the move to these women, my soul wants enjoy ,, There are also sites where men for a fee can find women for temporary adultery ,, they are allowed to enter into a temporary marriage even with married women,

Here's what Shiite scholars say about it,

Maysar said that he asked Imam Jafar: "If I met a woman in
a deserted desert and asked her if she had a husband, and she replied
that she did not, could I marry her? (It is clear from the context that we are talking about
a temporary marriage.)" He replied: "Yes, for she should be believed." ("Wasail
ash-Shia", 14/456-457).

Fadl told Imam Jafar: "I made a temporary marriage with a woman, and
it seemed to me that she had a husband. I found out about her, and it turned out that she
really has a husband." He said, "So why did you find out about her?"
Mahran ibn Muhammad said that some people told him
that Imam Jafar was told: "One man entering into a temporary marriage,
I asked the woman if she had a husband." He said: "Why did he ask her about
it?" See on this issue "Wasail al-Shia" 14/456/457, "Mustadraq al-
Wasail" 14/458-459, chapter 9, "Bihar al-Anwar" al-Majlisi 100 or 103/10

Abu Maryam.Salafi

Jul 23, 2022 08:39

2- Khalid ibn al-Walid executes Malik ibn Nuwayra---

After the death of the Messenger of Allah, many Arabs renounced Islam, and Abu Bakr sent troops to fight the apostates. Among the commanders of the Muslim troops was the outstanding commander Khalid ibn al-Walid.
Abu Bakr sent him to fight the false prophet Musailima, and Khalid defeated his troops in a battle dubbed the "battle of the garden".
After that, Khalid turned to other apostate tribes, giving them a choice: either they return to Islam, or he fights with them.
Among those to whom Khalid came were the people of Malik ibn Nuuayra. His tribesmen refused to pay zakat - as Abu Bakr, or anyone else. When Khalid came to them, he asked: "Where is your zakat? What's wrong with you, why did you separate prayer from zakat?". Malik ibn Nuuayra replied: "We paid zakat to your comrade while he was alive, and what does Abu Bakr have to do with it?".
Khalid became angry and exclaimed: "So he's our comrade, and he's not your comrade?!". After that , he ordered Dyrar ibn Azuar to cut off Malik's head.

It is also claimed that Malik ibn Nuuayra followed Sajjah when she declared herself a prophetess.

Ibn Taus of the Shiite scholars wrote: "The tribes of the Banu Tamim and az-Zayyat abandoned Islam and joined with Malik ibn Nu'ayra al-Yarbui." See Faslul Hitab, p. 105


One version of this story says that Khalid threatened the people of Malik and took some of them captive. The night was cold, and Khalid ordered his soldiers to warm the prisoners. And this word in the language of the Sakyfits meant "to kill". They decided that Khalid was telling them to execute the prisoners, and killed them. That is, Khalid did not order them to do this.

Thus, whatever it was, Khalid either had nothing to do with the death of Malik ibn Nuuayra at all, or he executed him, having sufficient, in his opinion, reason. In any case, he does not deserve blame.
As for the claims that Khalid, having executed Malik, on the same night made Malik's widow his concubine and had sexual intercourse with her, this is a lie. After executing some and capturing others, Khalid chose for himself the widow of Malik, who was among the prisoners, just as other soldiers chose women from among the prisoners, As for reports that Khalid entered into intimate relations with her on the first night after the execution of her husband, or that he executed him in order to marry his widow, then they are definitely false. Ibn Qasir, "Al-bidaya wa an-nihaya", (6/326).

Khalid himself, who participated in so many battles on the path of Allah, admitted that these battles and victories over the enemies of the Almighty bring him much more joy than trophies, including concubines with whom he can spend time and who can bear him children. Ibn Qasir, "Al-bidaya wa an-nihaya", (7/117).

The Messenger of Allah said about this commander: "This is the sword of Allah, which He drew against the unbelievers." This hadith is cited by al-Bukhari in "Sahih", No. 3757, and Ibn Asakir, "Tarikh madinatu Dimashk", an abbreviated version, (8/15). See "Silsilat al-ahadis as-sahiha", (1237).
So when ‘Umar, upon learning of Malik's death, asked Abu Bakr refused to remove Khalid from his post in order to avoid confusion and unnecessary conversations, Abu Bakr refused to do so, saying: "No, by Allah! After all, he is the sword that Allah Almighty has drawn against the unbelievers!". See "Tarikh at-Tabari", the event of 11 A.D. and Ibn Qasir, "Al-bidaya wa an-nihaya", the reign of Abu Bakr.
If someone condemns Abu Bakr because he refused to execute Khalid, the murderer of Malik ibn Nuwaira, then did ‘Ali not refuse to execute the murderers‘Usman?
But after all ‘Uthman was one of the companions of the Messenger of Allah, as well as his son-in-law and, most importantly, the caliph of Muslims, while it is still unknown whether he was a Muslim at all. So if ‘Ali had an excuse, then Abu Bakr certainly had one.

Meeting with the brother of Malik ibn Nuwayra Mutammim, ‘Umar asked him: "What can you say about your brother?". In response, Mutammim mourned his brother in verse so that ‘Umar said: "I wish I could mourn my brother Zeid the way you mourned your brother!". However , Mutammim bitterly objected: "If my brother had died like yours, I wouldn't have mourned him at all!". ‘Umar said, "No one has brought me such condolences on the death of my brother as you have brought me!". Ibn al-Asir, "al-Kamil fit-tarikh", (2/242).
And the fact was that Zeid, the brother of ‘Umar, was martyred in the battle of Yamam, fighting with the apostates of the Banu Hanifa.

Hilal ***Forums Only***

Jul 23, 2022 12:53

@ Uncle Sam

There actually are Sunnis in Iran though they are a very small minority.

From what I have researched the percentage is around 8-10%
Allahu Alim


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