Miss indonesia

Miss indonesia

Faizzan Created Jun 22, 2022 20:02

Hello I'm in search of a girl from indonesia. We met last year. But I lost her whatsApp number and name also.

She was studying in Germany. She went for three month only.

If she is here plz contact me.


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Reza Fathi

Jun 22, 2022 20:13

Well sure if she liked you. she would find you. Because you are active on the site. Interest must be mutual.

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Deleted User

Jun 22, 2022 21:52

It might be for work or other related things..as if you liked them...you don't forget.

Reza Fathi

Jun 22, 2022 21:59

Yes, there is a possibility.

Hilal ***Forums Only***

Jun 23, 2022 06:37

If you are unable to find her again, that means that there is someone better for you,
In sha Allah.

May Allah SWT bless you with the very best, Ameen.


Jun 23, 2022 09:44

Yes you're right


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