The compact story of the fake Islam after the Shahada of it's master Muhammad pbuh and his family.

The compact story of the fake Islam after the Shahada of it's master Muhammad pbuh and his family.

Ammar Created Jun 21, 2022 23:35

Before His body was buried the conflict over power, leadership and kingship began. And everyone knows what happened in the shed of arguing and pandemonium, tension and animosity, enmity and quarrel, and dispute and clash! Where Omar said that the pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr was a slip that God protected from its evil!

After the body was buried, most of the island's Arabs repented! Battles erupted, and the heat of the battle raged and the war broke out between the righteous companions, "wars of apostasy", and heads were cut off, bellies were slashed, body parts were scattered, and people became lifeless corpses!

And some narrations mention that the first “al-Rashdi” caliph was poisoned, so why did the Muslims water their caliph with poison, why did the companions get rid of him after a short period of his rule!🤔

After that, the second "al-Rashdi" Caliph received power and authority and they told us that he was just! So it was said about him: "You judged, then you became fair, and you believed, and you slept.😬

During the era of Othman, the companions revolted against him, after their anger intensified, they resented his rule, so the people poured out their hatred against him and entered the Caliphate House and stabbed him with swords and daggers and he was torn to pieces and cut to pieces, and they refused to bury his body in the Muslim cemeteries! Thus, the Caliph "Al-Rashidi" one of the missionaries of Paradise, and the Dhul-Nurin, died!🥴

During the era of Ali, the Battle of the Camel broke out between the Commander of the Faithful and the Mother of the "believers", in which the missionaries of paradise “Talha and Al-Zubayr” were killed, in addition to more than thirty thousand Muslims!😟

Then the war took place in two rows, and this time between Ali and muawiyah, so it raged and intensified and raged, people were killed, Muslims were massacred, and body parts were scattered, and the victims were more than seventy thousand Muslims!😕

Then the fourth Caliph and the last of the "Al-Rashideen" Caliphs was killed by a sword strike on his head, by a Muslim who had memorized the Qur'an! The Prophet’s cousin, daughter-in-law, and the closest relative died. The Muslims killed a man with whom the truth revolved wherever he turned!😢

After that Al-Hassan bin Ali pbuh, "the master of the youth of the people of paradise, one of the grandsons of the Messenger of ِAllah and one of the people of the cloak were killed! He was poisoned in food by his wife by order of Muawiyah! 😥

Here are the companions killing each other. In the Battle of Tuff, the Muslims killed most of the people of the “House of the Prophet” and beheaded Al-Hussein bin Ali and the heads of his children and companions, horses trampled on their bodies, swords and daggers tore them and their women were taken captive and their heads were carried on spears to Damascus, the capital of the "Caliphate"!

Then the "caliph" of the Muslims "Yazid bin Muawiyah" invaded the city of Yathrib "Medina" and ordered its sabotage, killing many companions and their sons, and raping their women! Then he invaded Mecca, demolished the Kaaba, burned it and killed its safe people! Abdullah bin Al-Zubayr was killed, beheaded, crucified, and hung for years!😐

And after the Abbasids took power, they killed and uprooted the Umayyads and exterminated them completely, they dug up their graves, cut their bodies and burned them, and pursued all of them who were alive and slaughtered them in cold blood and heads roamed the country!😮

This is what Muslims did to themselves and they are still slaughtering each other. Today they claim that the fighting among themselves and the cause of their problems is nothing but a conspiracy the world is plotting against them? Shouting Fitna Fitan, may Allah curse the one who awakened sedition?

The Only Truth is there and with Ahlul bate pbu them, you want to see it and follow them or you stay ignorant and hell is waiting for you. Wel Salaam.


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Jun 22, 2022 00:37

I hope you can find a wife, and have a family, so that you don't have to keep focusing on futile conversations.


Jun 25, 2022 20:50

Thank you I hope that for you too.

This is a very real story about Islam. Nothing from my pocket. I was telling it in a very soft way, the truth is very ugly. I didn't talk about the Ottoman Caliphate, they completely changed Islam cos they were slaves in the Abbasid Caliphates. They brought them from the war places when they were children and feed them and taught them to be good soldiers and they become generals in the army and they served in the house of the Abbasid caliphs. Later they worked with the Mongols to topple the Arab/ Abbasid Caliphates. 🥴

The Arabs have a proverb, they say that your race will follow you that you will behave like your parents and grandparents till the 7th generations. Those "Turks" were Mongol descendants, so they worked with their own race, even they were Muslims and the Mongols were not. They cheated other Muslims, the Arabs for their own ambitions and they occupied Muslims lands for 4 or 5 centuries till the British kicked them out forever.

This is history not everyone like history. If you follow Turkish politicus you can see they only interested to defend countries with Turkish/ Mongol descendants because of the race and not because they are Muslims.You can see Europeans do the same when they see their own race get some war or trouble. Nothing about religion, it is about race. Anyway, this thread only for smart people with a high level of knowledge. Here most people are backward and not educated and never read.

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Jun 25, 2022 21:01

I don't want a wife! I want me a husband.

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Jun 25, 2022 21:04

I don't be bothered to read this blah you post, it's irrelevant.


Jun 26, 2022 08:11

yes we are here primarily for good suitable spouses... but dont call his input futile nor blah blah... if the muslims had stuck with quran and ahlul bayt a.s.. as Quran and real hadith says then we would not have been in this perpetual mess.. like it or not.. after 14 centuries we see theres only one Islamic uprising and revolution which is holding it's own against our common enemies.. over 10 islamic uprisings mostly in north africa.. thereafter have failed.. Egypt was the worst... even minorities helped bring morsi to power.. but soon he too made it a sectarian issue and acted against christians and shia... now egypt .. is again a dictatorship... choose prophets ahlul bayt a.s as your leadership as prescribed by quran and prophet sawa...


Jun 26, 2022 09:30

The Muslims agreed by consensus who the first Caliph was to be. Some people might not have been happy but Allah allowed it to happen EXACTLY how it did. Islam is not a family religion. We see how detrimental this was gonna be and Allah said no. Today at least 80% of Muslims agree whatever happened was the correct thing.

If you want a family religion, you can found one and call yourself a prophet. Let the rest of us follow Allah’s religion that OBVIOUSLY did not come to one family.

Qur’an 3:144: “Muhammad is no more than a Messenger, and Messengers have passed away before him. If, then, he were to die or be slain will you turn about on your heels”?

This is what you’re doing. Discussing non-matters while leaving Allah’s religion. Religion is not about the person or people my Shia brothers. Drop this already. Follow Allah’s religion instead of squabbling about people.

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Jun 26, 2022 09:41

It doesn't matter who the caliph was at that time, that time has passed.

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Jun 26, 2022 09:43

Weather they were appointed by God or not...they have passed on.

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Jun 26, 2022 09:44

Exactly...they are debating over spilt milk. Just gives then something to talk about I suppose. If that's what they want to spend their time talking about.


Jun 26, 2022 17:35


You failed to answer me about your umar/aisha deeds. Why you follow those bad sahaba, did they got their positions by Allah or by Muhammad? Who are you to talk against Allah's decisions?

In the Quran and in the authntic hadith's, you can see who is the Imam that must rule all the Muslims and all the Muslims must follow them.

I already gave you/ them before and now, the evidences that Ali ibn abi Talib is the only Imam/ Caliph got his title from Allah. But you/ they ignored that and kept menuplating with words. They ignored Allah's orders and His Messenger orders. Hadith_al-Thaqalayn/ The two weighty things.

Indeed I am leaving two things among you, to which if you hold yourself, you will never astray: the book of Allah –who is all mighty and great- and my ahl al-bayt (household), my 'itra (family). O people hear! And I have announced to you that: indeed you will enter my presence and I will ask you about what you did to the thaqalayn (two weighty things) and the thaqalayn are the book of Allah and my ahl al-bayt."

Sunan al-Nasa'i, one of the six sahih (authentic) books of Sunnis.

And this one...
Looks like I have been called, and I answered (my time of death has come), indeed I have left the thaqalayn (two weighty things) among you, one of them is greater form the other, the book of Allah and my 'itra (family), my ahl al-bayt (household). So look after how you will behave with them after me, indeed they will never separate from each other until they enter my presence by the pool [in the paradise]

Rasool Allah will asked those deniers in the Judgment day.

I told you/ them about (The Event of Ghadir and Hadith al-Dawat wal-Qirtas).
and how umar kept resisting others from writing His words and kept calling the Prophet is hallucinating, he actually said, he is losing his mind? Did umar and his gang believed in Him, I am sure not. The coup is already begun in the Saqifa (Incident of Saqifa).

I even gave you/ them (Al-Tabligh ) Surat Al-Ma'ida 67. But you/ they ignored that. This Aya is a direct threat from Allah to the Prophet, if he don't tell them "Muslims". This will be, as if he was never told Allah's Message.

O, Messenger! Proclaim that which has been sent down to you from your Lord, and if you do not you will not have proclaimed His message and Allah shall protect you from people, indeed Allah do not guide the faithless lot.

Qur'an 5:67

And this Aya from Al Nisa verse 59.

O you who have faith! Obey Allah and obey the Apostle and those vested with authority among you. And if you dispute concerning anything, refer it to Allah and the Apostle, if you have faith in Allah and the Last Day. That is better and more favourable in outcome.

AL-Ahzab verse 57.
Indeed, those who abuse Allah and His Messenger – Allah has cursed them in this world and the Hereafter and prepared for them a humiliating punishment.

Now, if you see this a family business, it is okay, Allah's ordered that and you have to swallow that. But answer me who give abo bakr and umar and uthman to be Caliphs?

I am always waiting for answers from you but you hide after each comment you put here. Don't hide again boy.🐒

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Jun 26, 2022 18:19

No one is gonna answer you. They are not interested in you. 😌😄😀


Jun 26, 2022 18:46


I totally agree. And that is my point, the sahaba killed each other just after the shahada of their Prophet. abo bakr after his coup against Ali and taken the Caliphate/ succession from himself waged wars against all the Muslims/ companions that not accepted him as a caliph. They never talk about the Ridda wars. One of the shameful deeds to Islam. They killed those Muslims tribes with cold blood just because they never accepted a fake Caliph.

Since that time we have the same mentality, you be with us or we chop your head with your family. Nothing changed since 1400 years. Those umar worshipers have him as a prophet and not Muhammad as Prophet cos they never follow Allah's orders. Read my comment above?


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