Indecent Proposal?

Indecent Proposal?

Amir Created May 22, 2022 16:00

I'm writing to a girl in Algeria, 31. I wish she hadn't mentioned that she has a sister who is a doctor. Since i learnt this, I want to say, I much rather marry her, but can't say it. My Russian fiancee from Moldova in 2003-2005 was also a medical graduate. Ladies advice would be appreciated.


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May 22, 2022 17:36

You sound like a playboy bouncing from woman to woman. With your past love encounters, dating scene, romance, etc. Endorsing haram relationships of your son. You want advice? I think you should go to tinder. You are after women who are young enough to be your daughter. Grow up and control that thing in your pants hungry old man!


May 22, 2022 17:51

And now you're gonna broke her heart!!! It's unfair
Anyway I think you should be clear with her it's much better then keep lying!!

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May 22, 2022 18:06

@ABeer, my point exactly- that's what playboys do. How can you be interested and want to marry to suddenly say, "I am more interested in her sister?" As if he's a doctor, yet he's the cougar chasing younger professional women?! What a joke!


May 22, 2022 22:11

I wouldnt mind breaking Ayesha's heart! People stay on the forum under new names. She sounds like that Miss Hot Chocolate!

At least the proposal is not too indecent - https://youtu.be/ehdAEyAGBEc


May 22, 2022 22:17

Just a week ago, this Ukrainian girl I knew wrote to me that she made it to Warshawa (Poland). I had told her, if she got out that I would come for her, but now I don't want to.


May 22, 2022 23:14

Lol Amir very funny
Always joking 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

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May 23, 2022 03:57

@Amir, I have no clue you are accusing me to be. Furthermore it appears that a strong willed and opinionated woman scares you. Sorry to be bearer of bad news but I don’t break easily. You’re a playboy just admit it. Ha one day it’s Tunisian, next day Ukrainian, what’s tomorrow?


May 23, 2022 21:33

Amir is producer and he is writing love stories script and maybe my dear brother in love complex


May 24, 2022 05:37

I stay away from bitter old maids. They have only unhappiness to offer in a relationship.

I had met her in a small town in near Sumy when she was 31 and worked as a salesgirl in a mobile shop. Ukraine is the 2nd country I spent more time in as an adult than any other country. Even here I come across Russian-Ukeainian tower crews and we speak in Russian.

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May 24, 2022 13:07

You’re not exactly a spring chicken. For your information the Prophet’s (SAW) wife Khadijah was older. So she’s an old maid? You’re only about s*x; a pity you cannot control your loins and lust younger women. Masha’Allah! Like I said go to Tinder. Perhaps you paint the picture of a sugar daddy so any naive young woman will fall for the trap because they want to live a better life; however all you’re interested is what’s between their legs. Disgusting pervert.


May 24, 2022 16:22

Do you want to marry solely because she's a Dr? What is the other girls profession?


May 24, 2022 18:05

Other is a grad who works a government job with her brother.


Jun 8, 2022 20:06

Never heard from you here, are you in Poland now with that Ukrainian girl? Maybe that Algerian Dr is more interesting. I hope you are finally got your honeymoon.🥰


Jun 9, 2022 02:04

You think women are so generous to accept a swap? Once this girl from Azerbaijan sent me her photo with a couple of her girl friends and one caught my attention. She said, I was not to be talked to!

Besides, has anyone looked at ticket prices this summer? I have never seen ticket prices like this in my life. High oil prices are driving many countries bankrupt and their currencies lower every day. Sri Lanka is just the start.


Jun 9, 2022 08:31

The fuel prices is high like never before, all because of the US and EU politicians. Putin never cut the gas/oil to Europe, they did that and they create this mess. Putin still sell gas to Hungary and they pay in Rubles. The only happy country in EU right now.

What the funny things is now from the EU countries, they buy Russian oil from different countries with higher prices. Isn't this stupid and hypocrisy?They brought chaos to us just to satisfy their masters.I am waiting to see the real crisis for the west in the next autumn, cos we have no options,even the price for the charcoals is high now.

I am sure we will be back to the basics, cooking on wood with dark faces. 😬


Jun 12, 2022 01:15

No wood. We already chopped down the trees, which reminds me of the green but naturally treeless landscape west of Topeka, Kansas. Whenever I go there, i get an eerie feeling like a UFO is about to land.


Jun 16, 2022 21:52

The fuel precises is very high in your country. I wondering why is that, Is Ukraine in North America?The American people, is f**ked up without any reasons. 🥴


Jun 17, 2022 03:51

what is the point...?


Jun 17, 2022 06:16

No point beating Drum only 😆


Jun 21, 2022 21:53

Germany will be back to charcoal era soon. All the wood in Indonesia will be the next western targets. The Amazonian will lose more forests. Soon the west will bring up a new crisis. People be ready for the next virus hoax 🤒

The Aussies already sold their charcoal to China, with a 50 years contract. Now they have 30 years left to take the rest.


Jun 22, 2022 02:01

Just north of the border to Roman Empire in dense foggy forests once lived the Germanic (central Europe) and Celt (Britannica) barbarians who practiced witchcraft. Like that, huh?


Jun 22, 2022 08:02

Celt (Britannica) barbarians, you ment the Vikings, they were the Isis of Europe🔪🍗🍖

Seyed Farzad

Jun 22, 2022 12:48

wow amir you always are writing

Seyed Farzad

Jun 22, 2022 12:51

Amir, if she is not a doctor, you will not marry her!
You already had a girlfriend in Russia, of course I know you cut in the past, try to marry with love

Seyed Farzad

Jun 22, 2022 12:54

Of course, you can help your future doctor's wife in examining female patients😂😂


Jun 22, 2022 14:25

I dont write as much as most of you.

Vikings had no land to cultivate so they engaged in plunder. The very word Slav comes from slavery as they kidnapped Slavs and sold them into slavery.


Jun 22, 2022 19:15

Sorry, the word slavery came out of the word Slav.

Many of you write essays, and then counter essays only to be argumentative. I never read any of that.

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Deleted User

Jun 22, 2022 21:18

Sayed stays on the sidelines..he commentates on life and others. Hopefully, one day his trust returns to him, and he can participate again.

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Deleted User

Jun 22, 2022 21:23

Keep in mind Amir, he does this for a "hobby". Found out that you can not do agriculture in Malta! Another fun fact!


Jun 22, 2022 21:34

Vikings had no land to cultivate.

Yeah the Eskimos too had only ice but never went to plunder any one. All the winter time they chew smoked meat. When I was teen, seeing them in the old movies, I always thought they were chewing some kind of leather.😂

Seyed Farzad

Jun 23, 2022 00:59

Cultivation technology without irrigation in dry and desert lands 😂

Seyed Farzad

Jun 23, 2022 01:01

It does not matter if I write for hobby or not You pay attention to my sentences and if it is logical, learn from it, if it is incorrect, correct it

Seyed Farzad

Jun 23, 2022 01:03

Amir, you are also liove Doctor. and you can continue

Seyed Farzad

Jun 23, 2022 01:10

Amir is a good option for you both of you do not know what you are looking for 🙃🙃


Jun 24, 2022 20:38

I decided I dont like this Algerian girl any more than the Ukrainain girl from Sumy. Why cant i just have that Ukrainian girl from the Carpathians or my Russian fiancee from Moldova?!?

Seyed Farzad

Jun 25, 2022 01:19

You can have them all😂😂😂


Jun 25, 2022 03:32

Yeah, wish I were a Chinese emperor (they were all Mongols like everywhere else).

Anyone been to Tokapaki palace in Istanbul? I saw ancestral portrail of the Ottomans. They started off with fat Mongol faces and evolved into thin and long faces thanks to their harems with Slav ladies!


Jun 25, 2022 06:21

The correct name is Topkapi palace. I hv been there. Yes, u r correct.
Fyi, Turks themselves acknowledge that their sultans love the Slav ladies. The famous one : Hurrem is believed to be a Slavic woman.

Seyed Farzad

Jun 25, 2022 12:53

The Mongol race is yellow and dominant . Dominant means if a yellow man marries a white and Slavic race Their child turns yellow ...
For example, you compare the race of Iranians
From Khorasan to Tehran, most of them are almond-eyed, but they speak Persian, that is, the Dari-speaking Mongols!

Or we examine the race of the people of Russia
Most people who speak Russian today are almond-eyed!
But this is the course of racial evolution. Many Turkmen people get big eyes by over time ....
Talking about race in the 21st century is mental retardation Because throughout history, all countries have been attacked, fought and raped .....
What matters is your way of thinking, not your race. Of course, the Mongols have nothing to do with the race of the Turks
The history of the region was written after the massacre of the Turks by the Russians
For example, it is written in Russian books that the Caspians( khazar turks) went under the water!


Jun 27, 2022 02:14

Ottoman harem was nothing compared to harems of Chinese Emprerors that required an entire city quarter devoted to women. Forbidden City is large but nothing impressive to see there. Whats really worth seeing is the Summer Palace just outside Beijing or Great Wall just an hour north of Beijing.

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Jun 27, 2022 14:25

In such a case you should not marry either.
Simply because you won't be just. If you are just to the one you marry, you will already have caused bad blood and illwill between the sisters, jealousy will set in and none will be happy.
Or maybe things work well, who knows


Jun 29, 2022 19:40

Ummm.. nothing wrong with having a “roundish” face. Some of the most beautiful women have a round, square or a heart shape face such as Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansen, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Olsen etc. Not everyone can have a “long” or thin face.. just saying...


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