In Memory of the Good Old Days

In Memory of the Good Old Days

Amir Created May 8, 2022 17:48

English - https://youtu.be/JnxTT7XXMPA

Russian - https://youtu.be/tX2sVv3yYgE

Arabic - https://youtu.be/u5004JOz2_8

Persian - https://youtu.be/lA9bAi2I5AM


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May 9, 2022 01:03

O my God, why you open up my hiding wounds.

I have a some stories to tell you. In the 70s when I was about 10 years old I saw Googoosh and other Iranian singers, Satari and Mahasty preforming live on Iraqi tv. I remember my family were waiting till 10 pm to see them live. Of course I know them before that cos we used to listen to them on the radio and the relationship back then was good between Iraq and Iran, their people traveled very easily without visa to each others country, the businesses and other things was very easy between them.

Till 1978 in Iran and in 1979 in Iraq both new rulers started to chop each others for nothing, I usually don't curse but for those 2 rulers I curse them till I die. They did bad things to their own people, they destroyed both countries resources. Anyway, I remember Googoosh with her complet white dress, moving like a butterfly, very young and drunk but she did her best and sang that same song with other songs. I heard about her new album but I honestly can't understand Farsi, maybe few words. But she is still in my memories/ past life.

I can say, Those Were The Days, the wonderful days, no hate, no one interfere to others liefs, all there had different religion, different back ground but lived side by side in real harmony, eating from each other's food, mourning together when someone die in their districts, happy together when someone have a wedding party, all participated to help each others. I can say, I had a wonderful life back then. I used to say here, I had a good life back in the Middle east. Not like here, your neighbors don't know you for decades, they never have a social life. An empty society to it's core.

I tried to make them be social but they are not like people in Islamic, Middle eastern world. They cry with you when someone die from your side and they will dance and be happy when your bother have a wedding. It's a live life filled with joy and sorrow that not everyone can experience that. I can talk about it like writing a book.

Fairuz, one of the best top singer in Arab world. And no one can be near her. Here is my story about Fairuz. When I was young, I always wake up before the sunrise, I still do that now. I remember back then, in the early morning my mother is the first person will be waking up to make breakfast ready to us, of course my father is already gone to work. In the kitchen the radio is already on cos my father used to listen to the Quran recitation before he go to work after that in the same channel like 7 am that channel will transmit only Fairuz songs till 8 am, with that time everyone is already gone.

What I want to say the best time to listen to Fairuz is in the early morning, when the garden smell is great, full with oxygen, the temperature about 17 degree C when the flowers are open and smell wonderful, when you see a small drops on the flowers and of course watching and hearing the birds singing on the trees, some people like to have their coffee at that time, I like my Ceylon English breakfast tea in the morning, I still drink the same tea and I still have Fairuz TDK/ Maxell/ Sony cassettes with other collections.

I do listen to Fairuz sometimes when I have the same condition above, but honestly it brings happiness first but later too much pain, yearning to that innocent life. Life without greed/ materialism/ egoism/selfishness/ individualism, a life with full care and love around you without conditions. This I had in the past and I will never have again.

I doubt someone lived life like that, of course I am telling 1 % of it. And you Amir what kind of past life you had?

I do know the other too singers, cos I remember the melody. In the 70s and 80s I must heard them on the radio but I could not understand English or Russian language. Later in my adult life, I heard, Those Were The Days and I liked the English version. Nostalgic, it reminds me of ABBA, The Day Before You Came. I love that last wonderful life.



May 9, 2022 01:44

1970's was the decade of peak liberalism. Oil prices were high so middle east was starting to become Europe. Today, it's hard to believe that once people transited thru Afghanistan in their private cars. After American pull out from Vietnam in 1975, the cold war peaked and everything began going to hell starting 1979.


May 9, 2022 03:22

If I tell you about Iraq in the 70s an 80s you will be shocked. Free education till you finish you master/PhD degree. The medical system is completely free to everyone and no one pay a penny. Taxes is very limited, only for rich people who have high income and still a symbolic amount of tax.

The state, give everyone money that want to buy a land and to build a house and later they will pay a bit by bit back to the state. Most people there have the house and the land under that house owned by them forever and not like here in the west, you buy a house but the land is not yours and will never be.

In the same time the state must make roads and bridges/ infrastructures /water installations/ electricity. All done from the state income and not like here in the west. Here if the state build a bridge the people whom use the bridge must pay to use it, really another kind of life standards.

Any primer schol teacher have about 3 moths free days, most of them traveled with their families to Europe and spend a lot of money cos 1 Iraqi Dinars was 3.50 Dollars. And teachers in the high school and in the University they had higher incomes. By just few years most families visited about 10 or 15 countries. Life was great.

I remember in the 70s Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan the founding father of UAE visited Iraq and said I wish to build my country just like Baghdad, this was his dream. I forgot to tell you, every house in Baghdad had 2 free telephone lines. I remember my mother told me once, you are 13 years now, take this 1.500 Iraqi Dinars for 2 ways Taxi and take with it 1.500 Dinars to pay the electricity and the telephone bills, go with you friend. The electricity and the telephone bills was for 6 month, I remember I laughed and made jokes, I didn't know this was so cheap, cheaper than the Taxi trip.πŸ˜‚

Life was great in that country but honestly the west never let Iraq alone after Iraqis nationalized their oil in the 70s. So all what you see is the west hegemony policy against other countries, now that wonderful rich in everything country is ruined by the west/ US & UK and the rest of EU countries and Iran and Turkey came in later. Of course the west never stopped their colonial mentality policy against new rising up countries. I blame Saddam too. In the late 50s Iraq had a special section in some of their hospitals, something to develop some kind of radiation program to cure people from well knowing diseases. No one had a program like that in the whole region.

I blame Saddam too. In the late 50s Iraq had a special section in some of their hospitals, something to develop some kind of radiation program to cure people from well knowing diseases in the whole middle east. No one had a program like that in the whole region.

The conspiracies against Iraq and other countries will never stop by the west coz the west can't live without stealing those countries resources.Now you can see they are doing it with Russia too but this time the west will get the real medicine. This was a few things about Iraq, I can talk about other countries too but Iraq is and was the best country, rich in every thing, life was very easy for them, no one was poor every family had enough income and a lot of people from other countries had refugee status their, like Palestinians/ Afghans/ Somalis/ Iranians/ and others. A lot of people from the west and the east came in to work there. When I was a little boy, my family had close friends from Italy, Bulgaria/ Russia/Turkey and from Yugoslavia and from Iran/ Syria/ India/Lebanon and of course we had relatives in other countries and in UK a lot, now those families have their fourth generation in UK. I can't remember them and from Pakistan, before Pakistan got independent. Life was great back then.

I have 2 uncles live in Canada before I was born.πŸ˜†


May 9, 2022 07:46

Cost of living was cheap. It was normal to have 6 kids. Now even 2 seem like luxury. Wars devestated and drained the entire region. In Kuwait everything was subsidized and untaxed. The super cheap oil in the 1990 made even countries like tge KSA look poor.


May 9, 2022 11:24

Because of you, last night I didn't sleep at all. Memories took me high up to the sky. I always try to not waking up my memories. Sometimes I have too, so after sleeping 4 hours only and getting a free day. I went to you tube to listen to Fairuz cos my Hifi system needs to be repaired to let those old cassette types run again. Luckily today is a very sunny day, right now is 17 degree C later will be 24.

I once was in love with a Lebanese woman for couple of years when I lived there, she use to sing Fairuz songs to me via telephone. Man, man, if you don't love and be loved, life is almost worthless. Too bad we didn't had 1 chance to marry each other. I already spend 1:30 minutes listening to Fairuz, I had my tea in the morning. Al- hamdulellah. Tell me, who told you about Fairus and Googoosh? I know there are lot of Iranians and Lebanese living there.

If you ever visit a normal Arab grocery in your country or in Aussie/ Kiwi lands, you will hear Fairuz in those stores. The joy of her voice/ melodies/ words is amazing. Don't forget there are 2 great men behind her, her husband and her son later in her life. They composed all of her songs.

Now let me introduce a Kurdish/Turkish singer from Turkey, his name Ibrahim Tatlises he is too 1 of the great singers in the region. I used to listen to him and see his movies in the 80s on the VHS video cassettes, watch this song from the late 70s.




May 9, 2022 20:02

In Kuwait, Lebanese girls were deemed the most desirable. As teens, we would dress up like Travolta with cheap sporty perfume and go to souk for "sightseeing." All we had were muscles to show but only enough change in pockets for Lebanese bread with Tabasco sauce and a cold Pepsi can. In evenings, we would get on building rooftop and work on muscles.


May 10, 2022 22:34

In Kuwait you only see Asian people work there, not that many Lebanese people. Do you mean that white round thin bread?In Jordan/Palestine/Syria and Libanon they make and use this kind of bread. In Iraq they make it too but not populaire like their own breads.

Sometimes I buy this bread here, I like to eat it with old cheese and cola and most of the time tea. Since few years they added a bit whole wheat in it. It is well known now to eat bread from the whole wheat. Sometime I make bread here, I add differente sort of wheat to get the best vitamines. πŸ’ͺ


May 11, 2022 03:00

Egyptians were targeted after 1978, Iranians and Lebanese were kicked out by the late 1980's, and Palestinians and Iraqis after the first Gulf war. Before this, Kuwait had more Arab migrants than any other.


May 11, 2022 11:48

In the 80s Iraq had about 5.5 millions Egyptian migrants. No 1 Arab country can do that. The total migrant at that time in the Arab golf states 7 of them together about 2 or 3 millions.

When Saddam occupied Kuwait in the 1990 and after that the Kuwaiti ruler kicked a lot of Arabs out, some were boring there, like those who had no status/ they call them "with out status" al -Bedoon" means "without'. The regime in Kuwait does not recognize them as their citizen. Most of them boring in Kuwait.

And here in the wast they never talk about those people's right? Some of them still there but have noting and some of them did went to another countries like Europe. I know a family here. Anyway, hypocrisy at its best form,never doubted the west in that.


May 11, 2022 15:12

They even kicked out their own bedouins living in the desert without any documents. They were there longer than some of the Iranian or Iraqi Kuwaitis.

Professions it seems went by nationalities. Breadmakers mostly Iranians, barbers mostly Pakistanis, shop keepers mostly Palestinians, and pick up drivers were class C Kuwaitis!!! Kuwait had 4 classes of citzens: Royals and class A, B, C. Class A were large auto dealers like Alghanims.


May 15, 2022 21:09

Historically Kuwait is part of Basra the southern Iraqi province. But G Bush senior did cheated Saddam. The Kuwait ruler, did pump too much oil in the markt to make the oil prizes law, in the same time Saddam wanted to rice the oil prizes. The UAE did play their dirty part too, so after the Arab League summit in the 1990 Saddam decided to occupy Kuwait. The west were happy, cos they were cooking all of that.

That tiny county is ruled to this day by the British cos they have oil. Iraq will get Kuwait back in the near future, just wait the west become weak.

As far as I know the Bedouin have special statues from Iraq/SA/Kuwait/Jordan/ cos they travel a lot and not staying in one place.I remember Alghanim automobile company. In the 90es my bother bought a new Oldsmobile. Assembled in Canada. We reached 195km p/w in hot July, something like 45 degree C, with 5 people in the car and the Airco was on too. We drove 400km in 3 hours, usually a normal car, 5 and half hours with 120 km p/h. The car was new, 2 weeks old. Was a bit scary to do that in the hot road "asfalt was melting".


May 15, 2022 23:10

That is some brutal 52 C desert from Ahvaz in Iran to Cairo in Egypt, but just little to the north in Azerbaijan and Armenia get snow. When i took bus from Urfa (45 C) in south end to Trabzon in the north end of Turkey, only mid way in the morning was freezing.


May 16, 2022 21:16

In the hot summer time, like 45 degree C, most soldiers cook their eggs on the car bonnet while watching their post. I did that when I was 12, just for fun, damn that egg got boiled in seconds.


May 16, 2022 23:09

You're all into chicken and eggs these days!


May 17, 2022 10:48

If you think deep, we all eat checken more than other meats. Checken and eggs is part of our daily life. Isn't this a blessing to have this bird on this earth. I am not a fanatic eater but I appreciate my cooking much better than KFC.πŸ˜†

In the past I had nice cars but since years I become environment lover with green mentality. If you like my checken, smash that like button and subscribe maybe you win 2 fried chicken.....T shirtsπŸ˜›


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