In your opinion, the time has come for us to put aside the differences between Shiites and sunni!!

In your opinion, the time has come for us to put aside the differences between Shiites and sunni!!

Seyed Farzad Created May 8, 2022 13:22

In my opinion, we Muslims need a cultural revolution and accepting each other's differences in order to reach understanding and peace So that we do not become the deceived tools of America and the West and israel ..
Ethnic and religious differences in Syria led to American and Western influence, the creation of ISIS, and the killing of thousands of innocent people in the country.
Every day we see widespread attacks by Russia, Israel and Turkey in this country We must learn the fate of countries like Syria Let's put aside meaningless differences Because they will have no end And cause enmity


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May 8, 2022 16:26

The world is one big playground for the countries you just mentioned! I agree with you, I have many Shia and Sunni brothers, I pray for them all equally.

Seyed Farzad

May 8, 2022 22:34

I wish you all the best and good health, dear brother


May 9, 2022 18:23

The war in Syria is part of regime change done by the west in all over the world and this has nothing to do with other ethnicity and sects/ religious differences. In every country you have different people with different backgrounds and this is normal. The problem is the rulers, when the rulers don't do their work for their people, the satanists come in, and play with everyone. I visited Syria and lived there for a while.

Look at Libya, all of them are sunnis yet they still divided, ask yourself who is doing that? When any nation get a good ruler, that nation will be great nation. I agree we need 180 degree changes in the Muslims Uma, I have a lot of respect for the Ex Malaysian prime minster Mahathir Mohamad. So far I know he did good things for his people. Muslim Uma need someone like him.

Seyed Farzad

May 9, 2022 23:01

In some countries, rulers behave well, but Western and American countries create divisions among the people with their policies.
In Syria, many Kurds took up arms to become independent and Turkmen Shiites too
Of course, in Libya, Shiites, Christians and Jews, although few in number, live in this country.
You pay attention to Ukraine, the United States and the West disarmed them and then sacrificed them to weaken Russia. Of course, the West itself will be the victim of this war too
Of course, many people in the West and America are good people. I'm talking about the rulers of these lands


May 9, 2022 23:52

Shia are in general kufar who disbelievers upon the Quran saying Allah never preserved it and it was changed by the shahaba they declare takfeer on all but a few of the sahaba and they worship hussian and many of their imaams how to be close to mushriks? Let them embrace Islam first inshalalah

Seyed Farzad

May 10, 2022 01:04

It is very interesting that many people who insult Shiites and Muslims live in Europe or America and especially in Britain! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Oh, so we worship Hussein and sahaba And we do not know, but you know πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!
I am the generation of Imam Sadegh Both my father and mother My ancestors came to Iran to propagate Islam
And I have never seen a Shiite worship Hussein or anyone else. Why did you really lie? I hope your words are not due to hypocrisy among Muslims and you spoke with the aim of ignorance ...........
Thank you for making me laugh for a few minutes
May God guide us all

Seyed Farzad

May 11, 2022 16:10

We Shiites are with the Sunni Muslims, and there are a few people on this site who insult for no reason because of US dollars or European euros


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