More Info Please

More Info Please

Ashabi Created May 7, 2022 23:59

Its a noble thing when a Muslim decides to pursue half of their Islam through online platforms like Helahel. πŸ‘ but the majority of the profiles provide so little information that one simply has nothing to go on....and the pictures dont help either.

Are we Muslims really so shy?

It would be great to see more profiles that are informative, especially on the things that we really care about.


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May 8, 2022 04:39

You can ask more information in msg so simple

Abu Maryam. salafi

May 8, 2022 08:14

the information is provided to the person who is interested in you,
I do not consider it necessary to publish information about myself to every crook


May 8, 2022 15:52

@Faizzan - yes, you can....provide the same info on a one on one basis, over and over again. Or, you can do it once in your profile.

I'm not saying you should tell the whole world your business. I'm saying give them enough to have a basis for considering you...when you write nothing, it becomes a gamble or a beauty contest....because your picture is all they have to go by.

@Abu Maryam. salafi - And therein lies the problem.....Telling yourself that everyone here is a scammer who will scam you out of something...your money, your information, your time...will make it so much harder to find the write person...and sparce profiles only contribute to that...IMO.

Abu Maryam. salafi

May 8, 2022 16:48

I have no money, no house, no car, everything is predetermined for us, our share, and no one will get more or less,Praise be to Allah, I have nothing to lose, I have no need for the women of this site, on the contrary, they need a husband like me ,,,


May 8, 2022 19:49

@Abu Maryam Salafi
You have nothing to lose because you are on the path Aslaf
You are lucky light burdened
Brother some sisters personally like to be like having nothing but living happy satisfied life
Owning nothing but beloved by owner of everything


May 8, 2022 20:07

My site solves this problem: https://my-match.herokuapp.com/signup. It's still in development, but give it a try.

Abu Maryam. salafi

May 8, 2022 20:14

@ Haider , jazak Allahu hayran,


May 8, 2022 23:35

@Abu Maryam.salafi
"I have no need for the women of this site, on the contrary, they need a husband like me"
Omg LOL!!!
So you are like a charity!!! Lol

Seyed Farzad

May 9, 2022 00:07


Abu Maryam. salafi

May 9, 2022 02:05

@ precious ,,you can think as you like, it won't change your condition, alas,,


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