Take Care of Divorced, Widow and Orphan Females of Society

Take Care of Divorced, Widow and Orphan Females of Society

preciousguy08 Created May 7, 2022 08:18

Our society is getting more and more full of especially Divorced girls. We should balance the society. One can balance the society by taking care of them only when men accept these women as their second, third and fourth wife. If a man's first marriage is with a divorced, widow or orphan girl then i will personally appreciate that.
What do you ppl think?


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Reza Fathi

May 7, 2022 10:33



May 7, 2022 21:48

Yes I agree with you brother find any for support her what you like to appreciate
I personally think willing people should do but I myself don't think I will do second or third
first and last regardless first is divorced or widow or Barren can not bare child ..
آپ جو چاھتے ھیں آپ خود شروع کیجئے آپ ان کو ڈھونڈ کر سہارا دیجئے جن کو اولاد نہیں ھو سکتی بانجھ وغیرہ

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Ya ~Yahya

May 13, 2022 06:35

I agree with you 100% we need to really balance it up. The society will be a better place where we look out for each other more often in many other ways. Women and children are vulnerable and should be under the guide and care of deserving Men.
But in a world where every woman wants a man for herself and wants to be the first and only wife it's hard to keep the balance. They sometimes post on their profiles that they don't want to be second or third😂😂😂. So what does a person do in that case?? Any further explanation to defend that fact becomes a form of emotional black mails attack towards them. The next thing you know Human Right Agencies and Activists are already calling you names and saying you are Abusive blah blah blah!!! 😂😂😂 The society we live in today is just controversial in many ways to the core Islamic Norm and Order as taught to us by Our Prophet (S.A.W)
So best we can do is pray for them.


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