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Farid Created Apr 29, 2022 15:01

I’m working on a better matchmaking site for Muslims. If anyone would like to help test it, check it out at https://my-match.herokuapp.com/signup


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Apr 29, 2022 15:58

We can't wait to meet some fake ladies there too!


Apr 29, 2022 18:48

Great Job Big BroπŸ‘Œ


Apr 29, 2022 21:52

Here's a fake:

Asalam wa alaikum dear ramadan mubarak alaikum hope you and your family are doing good insha.Allah thank you very much for your message my name is nawal ahmed 30 years old single from syria am on this sight looking for serious relationship that lead to marriage insha.Allah am very intrested to know you this is my email address wright me an email with your picture and tell me more about yourself to get to know you am intrested to know you
jazak Allah khair


Apr 29, 2022 23:05

Fake ladies? False.

And anyone with half a brain can tell that’s fake.


Apr 30, 2022 16:28

Another thing Ive noticed is, women have become incredibly difficult to get along with. They are no longer the sweet things they ususe


Apr 30, 2022 16:29

..they used to be, resulting in a break up from the get go.

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Deleted User

Apr 30, 2022 17:01

What's the name of this site?


Apr 30, 2022 18:07

Also, a growing number of young girls interested primarily or solely in an immigrant visa and free education in the west. There was one on this site too.


Apr 30, 2022 21:56

In one week on muslima.com, i have found 2 ladies, one Jordanian 31 and one Tunisian 33, that sound serious.


May 1, 2022 04:02

And one from Algeria, 31. This one is really pretty.

Reza Fathi

May 2, 2022 01:28


I'm worried that your excessive attention to women in different countries will lock you in the fate of your sister and mother. Isn't it better to follow the fate of your sister and mother ??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


May 2, 2022 02:20

That was over my head, but thanks for your two cents Reza!


May 2, 2022 02:23

BTW I had an Iranian wife from Tehran, 5'-5", slim, Turkish mother. She was a party animal!


May 2, 2022 03:14

Not the direction I was hoping this post would go.

Reza Fathi

May 2, 2022 12:19


Amir Jan, are you sure that she was an Iranian woman? Because Iranian men are very interested in beautiful boys like you, especially Iranian cowboys. Did you bring your mother and sister to Iran to propose? Or did you leave them among the American cowboys? And you came among the Iranian cowboys πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


May 2, 2022 13:08

I accomplished, and you can just dream whatever and jerk off!

Reza Fathi

May 2, 2022 15:41

Try to keep your experiences to yourself as it may cost you dearly.


May 2, 2022 16:17

Sounds like you have none of you own. This can make men bitter. Watch this documentary for ideas.

Polygamy in Iran - https://youtu.be/M-bv6-5Jye4

Reza Fathi

May 2, 2022 21:59

I do not look at YouTube programs. My dear friend, my mean respecting women and other races and countries if you want that others would respect you.


May 3, 2022 01:33

By no means its only you for all the time I see many of you uselessly arguing over trivial or irrelevant things, and because of it, saw others disrespecting you. Now, without me disrespecting you first, "other races and countries", you start with me and tell me how to be respected.


May 3, 2022 05:54

To be honest most of people nowadays are so hard to get along with. You either need to be evil with them or simply rich for them to treat you with great manners, unbelievable kindness, tolerance and respect. Other than that they will be just awful to you.


May 9, 2022 06:32

Money talks, unfortunately, and Muslims are no exception. Believe it or not, I've learned some of my bad behaviors from other Muslims. The irony.


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